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The idea for a new product that responds to the needs of the market is often not enough for our project to gain the desired popularity and to make sales bars rise up. Here, the key factor is the process of designing and introducing new products to the market, and hence careful consideration of each step. But how to get round to it? Find out what you have to do to start and grow your own e-liquid brand!

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E-Liquid Brand: Start From Idea And Recipe Development

Undoubtedly, the most important and first step in creating a new e-cigarette product is choosing the right recipe. After all, when you make own vape flavour, the taste composition, a given blend of aromas, and the appropriate PG/VG ratio determine the taste sensations of the recipients.

Creating e-liquid recipe

For conscious vapers and people who are familiar with the Vape industry, creating own e-liquid recipe with the desired characteristics is not a problem.

Even novices in the world of vaping can use tools available online such as calculators and converters needed to create the perfect e-liquid. Customers often come up with the idea for ​​their own, original recipes for DIY vape juice.


We can also find freelance services in the field of creating recipes and choosing aroma notes by professionals from the vaping industry. The possibilities in the field of recipe creation are unlimited, and thanks to the rich offer of concentrated flavourings, the creators of e-liquids can afford to come up with ever bolder and more fancy flavor combinations. Connoisseurs of the classics will also find it easy to choose known and proven, but intense flavors from a wide range of flavouring concentrates for e-liquids manufacturing available on the market.

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E-Liquid Brand: What with raw materials?

When creating a recipe for your own vape juice, the most important element to keep in mind is choosing the right raw materials. The choice of raw materials determines the end user’s taste sensations and also the fact whether the product will meet the requirements to legally enter the market.

The Vape industry is a very dynamically developing branch of business where the raw materials for e-liquids production are easily available. However, you should avoid buying raw materials from unproven sources as they may contain substances banned in the European market.

According to TPD legislation (Tobacco Product Directive) European e-liquids must undergo specialist laboratory tests and registration. Products containing banned substances not only can not enter the market, but when used by vapers can have fatal health effects. That is why it is so important to choose the right raw materials only from trusted and proven companies.

Each raw material should have appropriate certificates, and the manufacturer, after signing the confidentiality agreement, should provide the composition of each product for the TPD registration purposes.

Pure Nicotine

Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, or both mixed, needed for manufacturing should be of pharmaceutical quality as for those offered by Chemnonvatic. Moreover, concentrates and additives should always be fully compliant with TPD legislation, as this is an act that controls and sets safety standards for the production and sale of e-cigarette products. If you want to check the range of TPD-compatible flavourings and additives click here.

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E-Liquid Manufacturing Process

E-Liquid Brand: OEM Services And White Label

If the creative side of designing e-liquid recipes is not your horse, let others do it for you! The web is full of White Label services in the e-cigarette industry.

In other words, when you want to make your own e-juice, you can find a company that provides its own products to give them a second life by labeling with a new brand created by its customers.

The benefit of white label e liquids is the fact that an experienced manufacturer shares its market knowledge and know-how needed to launch a new product.

Moreover, if you would like to use the White label service provided by Chemnovatic, you are guaranteed 100% TPD compliance.

Customers using our experience do not have to carry out laboratory tests and TPD registration procedures are no longer as complicated as in the case of products in which recipes were created from scratch. We created and TPD-registered wide range of e-liquids in many EU countries.

Our White Label service allows you to take advantage of our extensive range of top-selling e-liquids and label it with your own brand without any complications or costs associated with TPD

Ask for the list of already registered products at

Key advantages:

  • The shortest time for your product registration
  • Money savings
  • No need to pay for laboratory tests and other TPD required documentation
  • Free service of the TPD registration process (we will do all the paperwork for you)

Packaging design is so important too!

Another key element apart from the creation of the recipe is the packaging design.

You should know that packaging is the first thing that catches the eye of a potential buyer before trying its contents.

All in all, the packaging has to reflect the right character of the line you want to release on the market.

At this point, it is worth considering which target customers our product is aimed at, as well as what values are brought with it. Will it be a line of simple flavours to be launched on the mass market? Or maybe you are interested in creating a premium brand of premixes?

Graphic Design E-Liquid

Apart from the aesthetic values, you should also remember about the practical aspects. In other words, the packaging, just like e-liquid recipe, must also meet the standards of the TPD directive. Otherwise, the new product may not be approved. The TPD requirements for product packaging include warnings, pictograms, and even proper placement of the text on the label and in the unit box.

How Can We Help You?

Chemnovatic’s Marketing Department and graphic designers have created hundreds of innovative designs that fit perfectly into the TPD principles. At the same time they are catchy and stand out from other products on retail store shelves.

To create a packaging design, we can use both the customer’s own inspirations/materials or we can create the design from scratch according to the customer’s guidelines.

Just tell us what you expect and we will take care of it!

Here is a sample packaging design for one of our brands – VAPY Silver Line:

My Vapy

TPD registration

The determination of the recipe details and the packaging design is not enough to launch a new line of e-liquids on the market.

Under the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive), all nicotine-containing e-liquids must be laboratory tested and registered in the country where they are to be marketed.

Laboratory tests include emission tests of e-liquid (i.e. vapour testing) – they are designed to detect any hazardous and prohibited substances such as heavy metals or carcinogenic substances. Thanks to the TPD initiative, we are certain that all legally available e-liquids on the European market do not contain the above-mentioned substances and are more safe to the end user.

Finding the right laboratory to carry out emission tests and registration of TPD products is a time-consuming and quite complicated process. Fortunately, there are companies that help their business partners to go through this. We have carried out hundreds of laboratory tests and registrations of TPD products in all European countries.

We offer comprehensive service of TPD product registration and guidance throughout the whole process, as well as customer care after the process of registration.

Our TPD compliance team will help you to determine whether you have any gaps and ensure that your products meet all requirements. We have conducted hundreds of TPD notifications and we can help you to register your products in all EU countries.

If you want to know more about the whole process, check our offer or contact us directly at:

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Product promotion

Finally, remember that a great product deserves an equally great promotion.

It’s not easy to promote a new product on the market, but fortunately, there are proven methods that will allow the world to learn about your brand and make your sales flourish.

A good way to promote a new e-cigarette product is to send out free samples to your potential customers. After all, the key factor in promoting e-liquids is taste. Let your prospective customers find out how good a product is within their reach.

Another channel through which you can reach potential customers is social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. Due to the number of users of social media, they should not be ignored, both when introducing novelties to the market, but also in thriving companies with well known offerings.

Remember also to talk to your sample recipients about their impressions of your new product. Feedback from customers is very important because it helps to periodize the expectations of customers and possible changes or corrections to be made to your project.

The best place to exchange views on products and promotions are undoubtedly trade fairs held in various countries around the world. Chemnoavtic is a regular exhibitor at all major Vape trade fairs such as InterTabac and VapeExpo.

Start Your Own E-Liquid Brand With Us!

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