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Chemnovatic is a chemical company that provides 360° e-liquid industry solutions: private label and regulatory services, laboratory tests, e-liquid raw materials, custom made solutions and ready-to-sell products.

Chemnovatic offers private label e-liquids production and all services needed to introduce new e-liquid brand to the markets: recipe and brand creation, packaging design, laboratory tests, TPD registration, MSDS preparation, TPD, REACH, CLP, and UFI consultations. If you have access to distribution channels and you want to start your own brand – we will be your best business partner.

  1. OEM E-liquids Manufacturing
    • Recipe Development
    • E-liquids Production (in bulk)
    • Labelling & Filling (in bottles)
  2. OEM Services
    • Laboratory Tests & Analysis
    • Regulatory Consultations
    • Registration Services
    • Graphic Design & Branding
  3. OEM Offer
  4. Our Sample Projects
Private label e-liquids production at Chemnovatic

OEM E-liquids Manufacturing

Recipe Development

E-liquid recipe development is one of the most important factors for the success of the e-liquid brand. Any small nuances in the recipe can have a significant impact on the taste perception of the end customer. Recipe development is also a crucial stage of shaping the product’s price.

At Chemnovatic you can either personalize your unique e-liquid or you can outsource this task to our experienced flavourist.

Possible ways of cooperation:

Chemnovatic e-liquid recipe development
Chemnovatic brand development
Chemnovatic brand development


Our product development team has experience with creating award-winning recipes. We will help you release your new line of delicious, top quality e-liquids.

Chemnovatic brand development
Chemnovatic brand development


Our product development team has experience with creating award-winning recipes. We will help you release your new line of delicious, top quality e-liquids.

Chemnovatic brand development
Chemnovatic brand development


We can advise you on the recipes you would like to modify, use your own raw materials in our production or we can order raw materials (concentrates, additives) from different vendors – all to meet your and your customers’ expectations.

E-liquids Production (in bulk)

High standards of OEM production process at Chemnovatic includes clean, precise, and safe preparation of products. Our team follows rigorous manufacturing procedures that allow for safe and sanitary preparation of products.

Our production principles:

  • We use only raw materials of the highest quality
  • Our nicotine PureNic 99+ along with PG and VG meet European and US pharmacopeia standards (EP, USP)
  • Every batch of PureNic 99+ is examined in accredited laboratories and receives a certificate of quality
  • Each of the semi-finished products comes from proven, reliable suppliers, together with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and product data-sheet
  • The machines and equipment used in the production process are certified to ensure the highest quality of production
  • The reliability of measuring instruments is verified by calibration certificates
  • During the production cycle we are continuously monitoring both the safety of our products and the safety of our employees
Chemnovatic e-liquids production in bulk

Labelling & Filling (in bottles)

E-liquid labeling and filling are important parts of the manufacturing process. At Chemnovatic we have devised the internal best practices checklist regarding the handling and manufacturing processes for all our products. Moreover, our quality standards are even more strict than those required by the law.

Our standards:

Our production plant is equipped with both automatic and semi-automatic machines, that can manage filling, dosing, labelling, and capping

  • Our manufacturing capacities exceed 500 000 bottles per week
  • The production of finished e-liquids in Chemnovatic always takes place under strict conditions imposed by the ISO standards
  • Although we are not a food producer, we apply the most strict requirements applied to the food industry, such as HCCAP standards (GMP/GHP)
  • The most important in our production are precision and sterility
  • Moreover, each batch of products coming out of our facility is verified by the Quality Department and tested laboratory on site

Read more about our quality and standards.

private label

OEM Services

Laboratory Tests & Analysis

E-liquid laboratory tests & analysis are crucial to determine final product quality. Chemnovatic owns a laboratory that allows us to verify every production batch on an ongoing basis. The lab is equipped with a chromatograph which enables us to test the exact composition and exact nicotine strength of products.

All Chemnovatic products are TPD compliant, so with us, you will have a guarantee that your final product would successfully pass TPD tests, however, within our broad offer we provide our customers with TPD laboratory tests including toxicology and emission tests of ready e-liquids.

Moreover, our laboratory tests are accepted in every European country. For example, below you will find exemplary TPD tests that we perform:

  • Heavy metals determination
  • Volatile Organic Compounds determination
  • Aldehydes and ketones determination
  • Nicotine, propylene glycol, and glycerin determination
Chemnovatic laboratory test and analysis of e-liquids

Regulatory Consultations

Chemnovatic offers consultations in the field of chemical and e-liquid industries law regulations. We aim to support and share the experience of industry law regulations in the European Union, Great Britain but also the USA and non-EU countries.

At Chemnovatic we:

  • keep track of all legislative changes in the e-cigarette industry around the world and as one of the first companies related to the industry introduce the necessary changes

  • share our expert knowledge by consulting our clients
  • offer consultations and registration from the following chemical regulations: REACH, CLP, and UFI
  • learn more about basic regulations in different countries here.
Chemnovatic e-liquid regulatory consultations

Registration services

We offer a comprehensive service of TPD product registration and guidance throughout the whole process, as well as customer care after the process of registration.

Our highly skilled TPD Specialists have conducted several hundreds of successful TPD registration in every European country.

Our TPD compliance team have the necessary experience with foreign authorities and their requirements and will:

  • help you to determine any gaps in documentation
  • ensure that your products meet all requirements
  • help you to register your products in all EU countries

With us, you will have the guarantee that we will guide you through the process easily and without any unnecessary problems.

Each European Union country has adapted TPD provisions to their internal legislation. Some legislators have created a law that is much more strict than the TPD. The complexity of the regulations for each country can be overwhelming. However, Chemnovatic helps manufacturers who want to register their e-liquids in several countries.

Learn more about basic regulations in different countries here.

E-liquid regulation services

Graphic Design & Branding

The packaging is the first thing that catches the eye of a potential buyer before trying its contents. A brand has to reflect the right character of the line you want to release on the market.

At this point, you should think about what values would you like to communicate with it. Will it be a line of simple flavours to be launched on the mass market? Or maybe you are interested in creating a premium brand of premixes?


  • specializes in creating, designing, and enhancing our customer’s brands
  • has a great understanding of what does and doesn’t work in this industry, allowing you to benefit from our vast experience in this area
  • not only has designed labels for Chemnovatic concept brands, but also has worked in conjunction with a range of e-liquid manufacturers and retailers to maximize their brand’s effectiveness and visual impact
  • can work accordingly to your instructions or can come up with unique solutions for your product in order to create a bespoke graphic design, giving your brand individuality and marketability
Chemnovatic graphic design and branding of final products

OEM (private label) Offer

We offer any OEM (private label) solution possible, including the possibilities below:

  • OEM e-liquids (bulk packaging)
  • OEM bases (for manufacturers)
  • OEM bases (10ml packaging)
  • OEM e-liquids (10ml packaging)
  • OEM shortfills & longfills (0 mg/ml, retail packaging)
  • OEM for non-TPD market (retail packaging)

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Our sample projects

a set of photos of sample chemnovatic private label produts: vapy e-liquids, dollars, shades


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