Published On: 2016-01-26

E-liquids – at first a simple mix of glycol or glycerin and pure nicotine. Colorless, tasteless nicotine replacement product meant to help people quit smoking. Nothing to get excited about until you add flavorings – added to e-liquids to transform a tasteless, bland vapor into a festival of smells and flavors. Ever wanted to vape milk and cookies? How about Whiskey & Coke in your e-cig? These are the merits of e-cigarette flavorings.

When manufactured by a professional company, they are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes and released for consumption by the EU.

All flavors should at least meet, best if they exceed the European food flavors regulations 1334/2008 and not contain colorants or preservatives, confirmed by valid certificates (example of product Data Sheet). Lack of harmful substances is one of the reasons why Molinberry e-liquid flavorings are so popular – CMR (Carcinogen – Mutagen – Reprotoxin) FREE, and of course made of Non-GMO ingredients.

Molinberry e-liquid flavors are also Acetoine, Diacetyl, and Acetyl Propionyl Free and are constantly tested with certificates to prove

There are thousands of different flavors and flavor combinations available to choose from to suit individual needs and tastes, you can even make your own mixes- the flavour spectrum is endless. Nowadays users are looking for something completely new, original, unique, with authentic and intense taste.

Creating an interesting flavour is not something easily achieved, in some cases it takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Then, when the flavor is developed you will need specialized production equipment, a clean, safe production line, and high quality ingredients as well as attractive packaging, labels etc.

Professional e-liquids manufacturing is the key to end user health and safety and e-liquid quality

The best way of achieving the taste and flavour intensity you desire while still maintaining high quality and purity of the final product is to have your e-liquids custom made by a professional OEM e-liquids manufacturer. The flavour development process is pretty simple, here are the main steps:

  1. Idea – when thinking of making your own, custom made e-liquids you probably already have some flavor ideas in your head. Tell us what flavor you are trying to achieve or what inspired you.
  2. Analysis – our flavorists will analyse the flavor you had in mind and try to replicate it as closely as possible.
  3. Declaration – Sometimes it may happen that a flavour is too complex, or not possible to replicate in reasonable prices. If something like that happens we will let you know. In most cases this step does not occur in the process.
  4. Approval – We will make you an offer, when accepted we will progress with the flavour development.
  5. Flavor development – Here is where the magic happens, we mix and taste, then mix and taste some more until we are satisfied. This step is closely tied with the next one.
  6. Samples – Now it is time for you to sample the flavour. We will repeat steps 2-6 for as long as needed until you are satisfied.
  7. Delivery – Here is when you receive the delivery of your own, custom made e-liquids. We can only hope that you are satisfied and will turn this into a long term relationship.

For our e-liquids we use Nicotine diluted with Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin, we can also prepare Bio e-liquids that are Propanediol based instead of Propylene Glycol. The mixing process requires constant agitating of the mixture even for up to 3 weeks (for tobacco e-juices) – we obviously test the flavors during the process and modify samples we are not happy with using A/B testing process. When mixing and steeping process is finished, we can package and label the finished product and prepare it for shipping to the customer.

Would you like to create your own e-liquids brand?

Do you have the resources but think you lack the know-how and experience to do all the work yourself? Are you looking for an OEM e-juices manufacturer to produce your OEM e-liquids with? Why wait any longer – go to our platform –, set up an account with us, and enjoy your private label e-liquids. We will do all the hard work for you – develop the flavors, design the labels and individual as well as bulk packaging, provide you with required certificates and documentation and take care of safe shipping directly to your doorstep. We can also help with the packaging design to meet all the required current and future regulations (TPD-ready products).

All you need to do now is to focus on the distribution process and the sale of the finished products to the customer.

If you have any questions regarding our offer or oem e liquids, be sure to contact us at

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