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NicBase – Unflavoured Nicotine E-liquid Base

Chemnovatic Nicotine Bases are manufactured using pure nicotine distilled in our state-of-the-art facility located in Poland and pharmaceutical quality PG/VG.

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Nicotine Base (NicBase): Overview

Chemnovatic nicotine basesNicBases – are a convenient solution for e-liquids and nicotine pouches manufacturers. Chemnovatic nicotine bases are manufactured in a strictly controlled oxygen-free environment.

Raw materials used in their production are Chemnovatic’s PureNic 99+ nicotine (USP/EP), Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerine – all in pharmaceutical quality.

Key features of Chemnovatic Nicotine Bases:

Manufactured under controlled conditions, ensuring consistent quality

Produced using Pure Nicotine 99+ manufactured in out facility

Available in various nicotine strengths

Available in any PG/VG ratio

Available in various packaging options, including IBC

Convenient Solution: easier to handle and manufacture

Cost-Efficient Solution: reduced labor, equipment, and quality control expences

Time-Saving Solution: the production process takes much less time

How to choose the right nicotine base for your e-liquids?

Depending on the strength of your nicotine base, type of nicotine, as well as the PG/VG ratio or additives used, your e-liquids will provide consumers with a slightly different experience and sensation.

For example, vapers who like to explore new flavors prefer a higher PG concentration, while cloud-chasers prefer more VG.

The higher the PG content, the stronger the ‘throat hit’, which is similar to inhaling tobacco smoke. This is why ex-smokers or quitters are more likely to go for products with higher PG content. VG provides a much milder sensation.

PG propylene glycol and VG vegetable glycerine comaprison in terms of: throat hit, flavour intensity, vapour size, thickness, allergy risk, vapour density, vapour temperature, gulk build up

We offer nicotine bases with the most popular PG/VG ratios and all TPD and legal nicotine strengths. With them, you can create products that meet even the most demanding requirements of your customers.

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If you don’t know which nicotine base will be best for your customers, you can quickly find out. Take a short quiz. It takes only 2 minutes: How To Find A Perfect E-Liquid Base?

You can contact our consultants at any time. They will answer all your questions and concerns. Write us at: sales@chemnovatic.com.