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Nicotine bases are top quality, certified mix of pure nicotine with propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine. Chemnovatic can provide any nicotine strength and any PG/VG ratio mixed and packaged in Chemnovatic ISO, GMP and HACCP certified facility in Poland.


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For those who are afraid of working with pure liquid nicotine, we offer a wide range of nicotine bases. We can provide any nicotine strength and any PG/VG ratio mixed and packaged in Chemnovatic ISO, GMP and HACCP certified facility in Poland.

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PG nicotine bases are known for delivering the “throat kick” so similar to regular cigarette smoking, hence are preferred by people trying to quit smoking.
PG is widely known to be the best base for flavor distribution and mixing. It delivers the best possible flavor while vaping, but at the same time gives more noticeable throat hit. Therefore if you are looking for that perfect taste in your e-liquid this is the one to go for.


Vegetable glycerin is just one of the two most common semi products for e-liquids production. It is a colorless and thick organic compound that acts as a solvent for liquid nicotine or serves as a great base for flavor mixing. E-liquid industry is not the only one you can find VG in. Vg is also commonly used in food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry. Characterized by low toxicity and dense consistency, it can be used at higher ratios in e-liquids whenever thicker vapor production is crucial or the vaper is allergic to PG.
VG nicotine bases are for those who seek those tremendously thick and white vapor clouds. Bases made with vegetable glycerin are more delicate and has less noticeable throat hit.

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This is a 50/50 solution of the best quality on the market pharmaceutical-grade Polypropylene glycol with vegetable glycerin. It is a perfect balance between amazing and thick clouds and wonderful taste distribution. If you are not sure what base would suit your needs better, this is the one to go for!

nicotine bases production


It is for those who seek very cloudy vapors, but do not want to give up good-tasting e-liquids. In this case the PG/VG ratio of 30/70 puts it halfway between 50/50 and 100% VG nicotine bases.


It is one of the nicotine bases that will leave you with more noticeable throat hit and simultaneously very good flavor dissolution but also allow you to still enjoy those loved-by-all thick clouds.

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Appearance: colorless to pale yellow
Nicotine content: 3 – 200 mg/ml
Protection against oxidation: Manufactured and closed in a nitrogen environment
Shelf life:

2 years if unopened. 14 days after opening if stored in an airtight container, in a cold and dry room, protected from light.

Suggested storage conditions:

Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly closed original packaging. Keep away from children.

For nicotine equivalent strength 0-18 mg/ml store from 10 to 25°C.

For nicotine equivalent strength 20-200 mg/ml store from 0 to 10°C.



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