NicSalt Nicotine Salt 1kg

NicSalt-B, NicSalt-S, NicSalt-M, and NicSalt-T are the highest quality nicotine salts dedicated to e-liquid manufacturing. Choose the type of nic salt best suited to your needs.

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Product Overview

If you are looking for an alternative to pure nicotine, then it’s the perfect time to try nicotine salts!

  • The best nicotine salts for the e-liquids production: benzoate, salicylate, tartrate, and malate.
  • The best nicotine salts for the nicotine pouches production: salicylate and tartrate.

Depending on the acid used, nicotine salts can have a few different physical characteristics but all of them share the same advantages.

Nicotine Salts Key Characteristics

Nicotine Salt Benzoate NicSalt-B



  • A mixture of PureNic99+ and benzoic acid
  • The strongest nicotine feeling among Chemnovatic’s salts
  • The most neutral aftertaste
  • The very first salt on the e-liquids market
  • Benzoic acid is widely used in the food industry
NicSalt-S Nicotine Salt Salicylate



  • A mixture of PureNic99+ and salicylic acid
  • Most delicate among Chemnovatic’s salts
  • Characteristic however minuscule aftertaste
  • Salicylic acid is commonly found in fruits, vegetables; commonly used in the medicine and the pharma industry



  • A mixture of PureNic99+ and malic acid
  • The most organic among Chemnovatic’s salts
  • Delicate citrus / acidic aftertaste
  • Delicate throat hit
  • Malic acid is used in natural cosmetics and the food industry



  • A mixture of PureNic99+ and tartaric acid
  • Growing in popularity
  • Cigarette-like” nicotine uptake
  • Provides the highest nicotine absorption
  • Delicate citrus / acidic aftertaste
  • Nicotine tartrate salt is used in smoking cessation products

Nicotine Salts Specification

Benzoate Salt Salicylate Salt Malate Salt Tartrate Salt
CAS number 88660-53-1 29790-52-1 73057-36-0 65-31-6
Content of freebase nicotine ~57 % ~54 % ~55 % ~33 %
Miscibility with PG / VG Up to 200 mg/ml solutions Max. 100 mg/ml solutions Up to 100 mg/ml solutions Max. 100 mg/ml solutions
pH value (for 10 % solution in water) ~6 ~6 ~4 ~3
Consistency White crystals White powder White powder White crystalline powder / flakes / plates
Nicotine absorption High High High Highest among salts
Throat hit Delicate, but the harshest among salts Most delicate Delicate Very delicate
Odour In higher concentration specific smell In higher concentration specific smell. much more noticeable compared to benzoate Delicate Delicate
Aftertaste Most neutral Neutral Delicately citrus / acidic Noticeable
Popularity in e-liquids Most popular Very popular Niche Growing in popularity
Effect on the coil Standard Standard Faster coil wear Standard
Application of the acids Benzoic acid is widely used in the food industry Salicylic acid is commonly found in fruits, vegetabless; commonly used in medicine Malic acid is used in natural cosmetics and food industry Nicotine tartrate salt is used in smoking cessation products
Features First salt on the vape market; smooth & popular Becoming more popular; the smoothest The most organic among the salts; smooth & organic Closest to “cigarette-like” nicotine uptake; smooth & rush
Purity Min. 99,90 % w/w corresponding to 999,00 mg/ml
Shelf life 1 year
Storage conditions Store in cold place -25 °C to 5 °C, keep away from light and air/oxygen. Packed under nitrogen/argon atmosphere.
Temperature of vaporising Low

Nicotine salts & pure nicotine comparison

nicotine salts faster delivery

Faster nicotine delivery

Nicsalts, due to their structure, are more biocompatible for human cell membranes than pure nicotine. As a result, they enter the blood system way faster than regular freebase nicotine – typically within 7-10 seconds of inhaling.

nicotine salts throat hit

A smoother “throat hit”

Thanks to their acidic nature, nicsalts have lower pH than freebase nicotine. As a result, the aerosols derived from them are not alkaline, potentially resulting in less throat and upper airway irritation.

nicotine salts throat hit

Stronger nicotine-kick

Since nicotine salts are less aversive upon inhalation than pure nicotine, nicsalt e-liquids can be vaped at higher nicotine concentrations (without irritation), and, as a result, satisfy the nicotine cravings faster. For this reason, nicsalts are an indispensable alternative for ex-smokers or smokers who wants to quit.

nicotine salts impact on the flavour

Less impact on the flavour

Nicotine salts tend to have less effect on the flavourings in e-liquid than freebase nicotine.


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