PureNic 99+

Pure Nicotine USP/EP: PureNic 99+

PureNic 99+ (USP/EP) is considered to be the best pure nicotine for manufacturers of e-liquids, nicotine pouches, and modern smoke-free tobacco products.

  • Distilled in our facility in Poland
  • European REACH registered product
  • Highest and repeatable quality of every batch

*Air shipping of 30 kg is only available in specially certified and tested metal drums guaranteeing the safety of the nicotine and limiting the spill risk throughout the transport (additional €7 cost per kg). For regular road shipping please choose the standard 30 kg option from the list.

Quantity discount

Quantity Price
2 - 5 270,00 6.898,97 
6 - 15 260,00 6.643,45 
16 - 29 250,00 6.387,93 
30 - 59 240,00 6.132,41 
60+ 230,00 5.876,90 
1+ 290,00 7.410,00 


Product Overview

PureNic 99+ (USP/EP) is distilled in Europe and considered by many manufacturers to be the purest nicotine on the market. It is a guarantee of the highest and repeatable quality of every batch. European REACH registered.

What makes PureNic 99+ worldwide recognized?

  • DISTILLATION IN EUROPE: PureNic 99+ is distilled in our facility in Poland, thanks to that we have full control over the most important production stage. Our nicotine distillation plant’s capacity is 10+ tons monthly.
  • THE SAFETY OF SUPPLY: Quick, safe, and cost-effective deliveries are possible due to our location in the center of Europe, high production capacity, optimization of stocks, and cooperation with many couriers, and logistic companies.
  • REPEATABLE QUALITY: The repeatable quality of every batch is possible thanks to 4-Steps Quality Verification which includes: inter-process laboratory analysis, in-house laboratory analysis of the finished product, sensory assessment, and external laboratory tests.

Production Stages


  • Diversified supply chain
  • Long-term contracts
  • Suppliers’ audits


  • Advanced nicotine purification installation for 10t monthly
  • Nicotine bases production capacities of 25t+ monthly
  • Fully controlled production and confection of each batch
  • Repeatable product quality
  • Internal laboratory and R&D

PureNic99+ Packaging

Packaging is one of the crucial factors for nicotine’s quality. Chemnovatic original pure nicotine packaging always consists of:

  • On the label: MSDS QR code, warning symbols, batch number, best before date
  • Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet
  • Chemnovatic security seal
  • Styrofoam packaging for a 1KG bottle
  • Absorbent mat and extra padding for safety measures
  • UN certified packaging
  • Additionally packed into a plastic bag and secured with Chemnovatic tape
  • The outside of the collective box is covered with UN markings “dangerous to the environment” and a “toxic product” in accordance with the given nicotine class and the ADR convention or IATA regulation

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INCI name Nicotine
Identifier (CAS no.) 54-11-5
Content of nicotine min. 99,0 %
Content of water max. 0,5 %
Identification – MS spectrum Consistent with the spectrum included in literature NIST #353117 published on data base NIST 05,2006.
Appearance From transparent to straw-colored, light brown, characteristic odor for tobacco, free from suspended matter.
Shelf life 2 years
Suggested storage conditions In well closed containers under nitrogen/argon atmosphere, protected from light. Store at 0-10’C.


safety data sheet

Safety Data Sheet Document


Certificate of Analysis Document

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