PureNic 99+ Pure Nicotine Liquid

Pure Nicotine USP/EP: PureNic 99+

PureNic 99+ (USP/EP) is considered to be the best pure nicotine for manufacturers of e-liquids, nicotine pouches, and modern smoke-free tobacco products.

  • Distilled in our facility in Poland
  • European REACH registered product
  • Highest and repeatable quality of every batch

*Air shipping of 30 kg is only available in specially certified and tested metal drums guaranteeing the safety of the nicotine and limiting the spill risk throughout the transport (additional €7 cost per kg). For regular road shipping please choose the standard 30 kg option from the list.

Quantity discount

Quantity Price
2 - 5 270,00 6.898,97 
6 - 15 260,00 6.643,45 
16 - 29 250,00 6.387,93 
30 - 59 240,00 6.132,41 
60+ 230,00 5.876,90 
1+ 290,00 7.410,00 


PureNic 99+ Pure Nicotine Liquid – Product Overview

Chemnovatic nicotine is a natural product extracted from tobacco leaves. Over 99,9% purity, proved with certificates from accredited laboratories, exceeds USP and EP standards. It is also registered in accordance with REACH regulation.

PureNic 99+ (USP/EP) is distilled in Europe and considered by many manufacturers to be the purest nicotine liquid on the market. It is a guarantee of the highest and repeatable quality of every batch.

If you want to buy pure nicotine liquid add the product to the basket and proceed with further instructions, or contact us at: sales@chemnovatic.com

What makes pure nicotine PureNic 99+ worldwide recognized?

a banner split in 2, nicotine distillation equipment and a glove, airplane, trucks and boxes
  • DISTILATION IN EUROPE: PureNic 99+ is distilled in our facility in Poland, thanks to that we have full control over the most important production stage. We are able to produce not only pure nicotine of great quality but also in big numbers. The capacity of our liquid nicotine distillation plant is 10+ tons monthly.
  • THE SAFETY OF SUPPLY: Quick, safe, and cost-effective deliveries are possible due to our location in the center of Europe, high production capacity, optimization of stocks, and cooperation with many couriers, and logistic companies.
  • REPEATABLE QUALITY: The repeatable quality of every batch is possible thanks to 4-Steps Quality Verification which includes: inter-process laboratory analysis, in-house laboratory analysis of the finished product, sensory assessment, and external laboratory tests.

Liquid Nicotine – Production stages

graph with 4 stages of pure nicotine production process


  • Diversified supply chain
  • Long-term contracts
  • Suppliers’ audits


  • Advanced nicotine purification installation for 10t monthly
  • Nicotine bases production capacities of 25t+ monthly
  • Fully controlled production and confection of each batch
  • Repeatable product quality
  • Internal laboratory and R&D

PureNic 99+ packaging

Packaging is one of the crucial factors for our USP/EP nicotine’s quality. Chemnovatic original pure nicotine packaging always consists of:

  • On the label: MSDS QR code, warning symbols, batch number, best before date
  • Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet
  • Chemnovatic security seal
  • Styrofoam packaging for a 1KG bottle
  • Absorbent mat and extra padding for safety measures
  • UN certified packaging
  • Additionally packed into a plastic bag and secured with Chemnovatic tape
  • The outside of the collective box is covered with UN markings “dangerous to the environment” and a “toxic product” in accordance with the given nicotine class and the ADR convention or IATA regulation

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PureNic 99+ pure nicotine liquid bottle in a packaging

Pure nicotine (PureNic 99+) Specification

INCI name: Nicotine
Identifier (CAS no.): 54-11-5
Content of nicotine: min. 99,0 %
Content of water: max. 0,5 %
Identification –
MS spectrum:
Consistent with the spectrum included in literature NIST #353117 published on data base NIST 05,2006.
Appearance: From transparent to straw-colored, light brown, characteristic odor for tobacco, free from suspended matter.
Shelf life: 2 years
Suggested storage conditions: In well closed containers under nitrogen/argon atmosphere, protected from light. Store at 0-10’C.


a shield with an approval mark

Safety Data Sheet

an icon of a certificate

Certificate of Analysis

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