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PureNic 99+ Pure Nicotine Liquid

Flavourless, colourless and smooth

Chemnovatic nicotine, C10H14N2, is a natural product extracted from tobacco leaves. Chemnovatic’s PureNic 99+ is manufactured in Poland. Over 99,5% purity proved with accredited laboratory certificates exceeds USP and EP standards – you can be sure of the highest quality of every batch. Flavourless, colourless and smooth – the best choice for e-liquid and nicotine pouches producers.

*Air shipping of 30 kg is only available in specially certified and tested metal drums guaranteeing the safety of the nicotine and limiting the spill risk throughout the transport (additional €7 cost per kg). For regular road shipping please choose the standard 30 kg option from the list.

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PureNic 99+ Pure Nicotine Liquid – Product Overview

Chemnovatic nicotine (CAS 54-11-5) is a natural product extracted from tobacco leaves. Over 99,5% purity, proved with certificates from accredited laboratories, exceeds USP and EP standards. It is also registered in accordance with REACH regulation. Flavourless, colourless and smooth.

PureNic 99+ is distilled in our facility in Poland – thus we have full control over the most important production stage. Shorten your supply chain and purchase nicotine from well-established European nicotine manufacturer.

If you want to buy pure nicotine liquid add the product to the basket and proceed with further instructions, or contact us at sales@chemnovatic.com.

Gain insight into the manufacturing processes of PureNic 99+ and other nicotine products, as well as our headquarters and production plant located in Poland, by checking out the video below. This will help you understand how and where these products are made.

Harsh in the past, smooth at last

Chemnovatic’s pure nicotine PureNic 99+ has been a key ingredient in the e-liquid industry for many years, featured in thousands of liters of e-liquids. Since PureNic 99+ introduction in 2013, the industry has undergone significant changes, such as evolving regulations and shifting customer expectations. However, PureNic 99+ has remained at the forefront of the industry. We wouldn’t be a leading manufacturer and supplier of nicotine and other raw materials if our focus wasn’t on customer satisfaction and product quality.

At Chemnovatic, we believe in quality. That’s why we have developed an improved distillation process. Our purification stages remove impurities below the detection limit, ensuring that our nicotine receives the highest scores in organoleptic evaluation tests.

Distillation proces of nicotine
Distillation proces of nicotine

Secure your nicotine supply chain
with the most reliable European manufacturer

PureNic 99+ quality – what nicotine will you get?


  • Nicotine distillation in the EU (Poland) in our state-of-art facility
  • Internal laboratory and world-class analytical equipment
  • 4-Steps Quality Verification procedure
  • Sensory assessment – we dilute and try each batch before it is released!


  • Over 99,5% purity
  • Exceeds USP/EP standards
  • European REACH registered
  • ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, WCA & SQP


  • Highest standards of storing and packaging procedures
  • Certified and tested UN packaging
  • Fast shipping from Poland, United Kingdom and Portugal
  • 10+ tons monthly capacities


  • Top nicotine experts in the e-liquid industry
  • Technical & regulatory support
  • 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portugeese, French, Polish)
  • Sales to 60+ countries

PureNic 99+ (USP/EP)

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Over 99,5% purity

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Does not change the taste of the final product

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Each product made to order

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World class distillation and 4-Steps Quality Verification

A bottle of PureNic 99+, pure nicotine liquid.

PureNic 99+ Extra Value

  • Ongoing contact and support through our Sales Department (we aim at establishing personalized and long-term relationships with our Clients)
  • Highest storage quality conditions & guarantee of safe transport (properly packed goods)
  • Timely and fast worldwide shipping (3 warehouses located in Poland, United Kingdom, and Portugal)
  • Real-time updates on the order fulfillment stage, and e-mail notifications to keep you informed
  • Large production capacity (10+ tons monthly)
  • Supply chain security for your business (availability of goods – guarantee of continuity of supply)
Chemnovatic headquarter

With our extensive industry experience, we take pleasure in sharing our expertise on nicotine through private consultations and public education.

Explore our Knowledge Base or enroll in our free Nicotine Knowledge Course.

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A chemical flask on a stand

Pure nicotine distillation plant with capacities of
10+ tons monthly

A delivery truck and a clock

Timely deliveries from the production facility in the center of Europe

Bottles with liquids

Stable and safest supplier for European
e-liquids and nicotine pouches manufacturers

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Repeatable quality of every batch
The 4-Steps Quality Verification process

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European REACH registered nicotine – PureNic 99+

A drop of liquid and a match sign

Nicotine with purity over 99% (exceeds USP/EP standards)

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Highest quality standards: ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, WCA & SQP (Intertek)

Nicotine products

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Nicotine specification: PureNic 99+ comparing to other nicotines

Poor quality nicotine PureNic 99+
Nicotine distillation Nicotine distilled outside Europe, hence longer transportation time which can affect nicotine quality Nicotine distilled in Poland; a very short transportation time within Europe thanks to which quality is not affected
Shipping conditions Not proper storage and shipping conditions Warehouse and nicotine distillation plant in Poland; warehouses in the United Kingdom and Portugal; highest availability and storage quality conditions and supply chain security for European businesses
Organoleptic properties Yellow to brown colour; strong and irritating odour Transparent clear colour; light odour typical for highest quality pure nicotine
Quality repeatability Irregular quality; high oxidation rate, high content of water and residual solvents 4-Steps Quality Verification; impurities below the level that could negatively impact colour, taste, or odour
of nicotine
Below 99 % Min. 99,5 %
of water
More than 0,5 % Max. 0,5 %
Technical & regulatory support Insufficient support One-stop-shop for your regulatory needs: We offer a comprehensive service of TPD product registration and guidance throughout the whole process, as well as customer care after the process of registration. Our highly skilled TPD Specialists have conducted several hundreds of successful TPD registrations in every European country. We also offer consultations and services related to REACH, CLP, UFI, PIC (SRIN, RIN), MSDS.

Why Chemnovatic?

Chemnovatic is a chemical manufacturing and trading company specializing in pure nicotine processing, the supply of raw materials for e-liquids and nicotine pouches industries, and e-liquids production, along with a wide range of laboratory, regulatory, registration, and private label services. We also offer top-quality chemicals for other sectors than vaping.

5 graphs with descriptions why choose chemnovatic

Nicotine FAQ

Nicotine Production Process


  • Diversified supply chain
  • Long-term contracts
  • Suppliers’ audits


  • Advanced nicotine purification installation for 10t+ monthly
  • Nicotine bases production capacities of 25t+ monthly
  • Fully controlled production and confection of each batch
  • Repeatable product quality
  • Internal laboratory and R&D

The repeatable quality of every batch that comes out of our facility is possible thanks to 4-Steps Quality Verification which includes: inter-process laboratory analysis, in-house laboratory analysis of the finished product, sensory assessment, and external laboratory tests.

A graph with 4 steps of the quality verification

A bottle and a barrel of PureNic 99+, pure nicotine liquid

Chemnovatic PureNic99+ is available in a 1 KG HDPE bottle and in 30 KG drums. Both packaging types are UN certified and tested, guaranteeing the safety of the product.

On the label: MSDS QR code, warning symbols, batch number, best before date.

For 1 KG HDPE bottles: Chemnovatic security seal, styrofoam packaging, absorbent mat, and extra padding for safety measures. Additionally, the whole package is put into a plastic bag and secured with Chemnovatic tape.

The outside of the collective box is covered with UN markings “dangerous to the environment” and a “toxic product” in accordance with the given nicotine class and the ADR convention or IATA regulation.

For PureNic 99+ the minimum order quantity is 1kg. Click here to add this product to your basket.

Our Nicotine liquid is over 99,5% pure. It not only meets the current requirements of USP/EP, but even exceeds them. Product is crystal clear and odorless. Many of our customers claim this is the purest and most neutral flavored freebase nicotine they have ever used.

We ship orders usually within 1-2 days after payment. Terms of the delivery may be negotiated individually with the customer.

We have contracts with several transport companies to optimize the costs of delivery to our customers around the world. Many of our products are classified as hazardous substances and require special transport services (ADR). Due to these circumstances, each shipping is priced individually.

A plane, ship, trucks, a globe and packagings

We ship worldwide! We have three warehouses – in Poland, Portugal and United Kingdom.

Go here or contact us directly at sales@chemnovatic.com.


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Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet


We are glad that you are here, but it is even more exciting for us to talk how we can cooperate with your company!

Email: sales@chemnovatic.com
Phone: +48 502 921 126
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