Chemnovatic is a professional nicotine manufacturer
and supplier based in Poland.

We specialize in pure nicotine processing and nicotine bases manufacturing but we also supply top quality raw materials for e-liquid producers worldwide. We dedicate our offer to business customers.

Chemnovatic’s pride and a flagship product is PureNic 99+ pure nicotine liquid, which received global recognition. Our goal is to provide customers with great experience by maintaining high quality of products and services, which we became known for over the years.

Chemnovatic is also developing projects with alternative types of nicotine, such as nicotine salts or synthetic nicotine (non-tobacco nicotine).

Chemnovatic wants to be a one-stop shop for all e-liquid manufacturers. Our offer goes beyond pure nicotine and nicotine salts. Do you also need Propylene Glycol (PG) or pure Vegetable Glycerin (VG)? Ready nicotine bases? You may choose from one of our many standard PG/VG ratios or we can make custom nicotine bases especially for you. Choose the required nicotine strength and any ratio you may wish.

Let’s make your success our common goal!

See what our Clients have to say about working with us:

“We are absolutely happy with the service, and everything. Especially with Ewa, she always keep us up to date, and the communication with her is very easy.”

“By the way, the base with nicotine I made and sold was a success, people loved the clearness in the liquid :) You sell good stuff ;)”

Customer from Sweden (about PureNic)

“Testing of your nicotine has gone well. And I want to put in an order for 10 litres. You my friend are making excellent nicotine, but you already knew that I bet ;)”

Satisfied Customer (about PureNic)

“Great working with you as you make the process of buying easy and very fast!”

Satisfied Customer (about NicBase)

“We are very impressed with your company and your go to market. As our business scales we will definitely reinvestigate options to buy from you as we would like to use your product.”

Satisfied Customer (about NicBase)

What’s new?

2011, 2020

How to choose the perfect e-liquid base?

Find an e-liquid base that is perfect for you! Is it even possible to find a perfect e-liquid base? First of all, “perfect” is subjective – it depends on customers’ expectations. Understanding what characteristics we want to obtain for our base is the most important step to take. To make your choice easier we have prepared a unique TOOL, which will help you find your ideal e-liquid base. All you have to do is [...]

1611, 2020

E-liquid bases’ new generation – Nic&Salt Hybrid Bases

Discover the new generation of e-liquid bases – Nic&Salt Hybrid Bases The key factor affecting the stable and sustainable development of each company is the regular broadening of the offer with new products, as well as the improvement of the older versions of products. A good example can be an e-liquid line created with the use of the e-liquid bases that have never been on the market before! Professional literature and statistics show that [...]