Nicotine-Free Base

Pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) perfect for mixing with pure nicotine and nicotine bases during the e-liquids production process.

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A range of nicotine free bases perfect for diluting pure nicotine or nicotine salts. Manufactured from the highest quality ingredients in our ISO and HACCP certified facility in Poland.



This is a 50/50 solution of the best quality on the market pharmaceutical grade Polypropylene glycol with vegetable glycerin. It is perfect balance between amazing and thick clouds and wonderful taste distribution. If you are not sure what base would suit your needs better, this is the one to go for !

nicotine bases production


30PG/70VG is for those who seek very cloudy vapors, but do not want to give up good tasting e-liquids.


70PG/30VG is one of the free nicotine bases that will leave you with more noticeable throat hit and simultaneously very good flavor dissolution, but also allow you to still enjoy those loved-by-all thick clouds.

PG/VG ratio in eliquids – comparison

Depending on the ratio of PG and VG, eliquids can have different taste properties and provide a little different sensation to users. PG and VG affect, among others, such features as: throat hit, final taste, cloud size during vaping, and allergy risk. Compare the characteristics of PG / VG in the graphic below.


Appearance: Colorless liquid
Nicotine content: 0 mg/ml
Chemical name: Pharmaceutical Vegetable Glycerine
Chemical name:


Suggested storage conditions: Keep in tight packages (of stainless steel or aluminium) in a dry place, in temperature of 10-25°C, protecting against moisture (hygroscopic product) and sun rays (uV).

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