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Is it even possible to find a perfect e-liquid base? First of all, “perfect” is subjective – it depends on customers’ expectations. Understanding what characteristics we want to obtain for our base is the most important step to take.

Find an eliquid base that is perfect for you!

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how to choose a perfect e-liquid base

Already got your results and want to learn more about different e-liquids components and their parameters? Or maybe you want to get some extra knowledge before using the tool?

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Check out quite an extensive piece of information on that matter, that we share with you below. Delving into it and learning important facts on the e-liquid industry for sure may result in better products, branding, and your company development.

Step 1: Choose the right NICOTINE FORM

You can choose either pure nicotine (PureNic99+), nicotine salts (NicSalts), or a unique mix of them. Let’s see how the characteristics of the bases differ depending on which nicotine form you decide to choose.

  • The significant throat hit at higher nicotine strengths.
  • Pure nicotine-based e-liquids strength is usually from low to medium.
  • Pure nicotine is considered to influence the flavor of e-liquid less than other bases.
  • The absorption of nicotine by a human organism is less effective with pure nicotine compared to nicotine salts.
  • Usually vaped using mods.
2 Nicotine base bottles - 5l and 1l - and a text: nicotine bases, click here
2 Nicotine salt base bottles - 5l and 1l - and a text: nicotine salt bases, click here
  • Allows to vape at higher nicotine strengths without such a strong throat hit, comparing to pure nicotine.
  • Nicotine salt-based e-liquids strength is from low to very high.
  • Influences the flavor of e-liquid a bit more than pure nicotine.
  • The absorption of nicotine by a human organism is more effective with nicotine salts comparing to pure nicotine.
  • Usually vaped using pods (new vapers usually start vaping with pods).
  • Smokers willing to transition to vaping usually are more satisfied with nicotine salts than with pure nicotine.

Choosing the right nicotine salt also matters! Nicotine salts are produced with the usage of different acids. Below we present the most important features of the popular acids. You can find more information about them here.

nicotine salts: benzoate, malate, salicylate, and tartrate, and their characteristics
  • A mix of pure nicotine and nicotine salt, that combines the advantages of both in one product.
  • Provides a stronger and longer nicotine effect comparing to pure nicotine.
Nicotine Salt Hybrid Base
  • Considered as a golden mean in terms of harshness. Some vapers, eg. ex-smokers, prefer nicotine salt-based e-liquids because of the stronger and faster nicotine absorption. A part of them, however, miss the characteristic throat hit. On the other hand, some vapers of pure nicotine-based e-liquids would like to reduce the harshness of the e-juice, if only it was an option. For both of these consumer segments, Nic&Salt Hybrid Base – as it combines both nicotine forms – is the perfect solution.
  • An innovative product that the vapers have never tried before. Most vapers love novelties and are in a constant search for new sensory experiences.
  • Higher nicotine strengths, as well as nicotine salt-based e-liquids, are usually vaped in PODs.
  • Nic&Salt Hybrid Base provides optimal harshness and influences the flavor less than nicotine salts, which makes it a perfect solution for POD systems.
a table comparison of: nicbase, nicsalt base and nic&salt hybrid base when it comes to: throat hit, effect on the flavour, absorption, nicotine strengths, suggested devices, target group of vapers and populartiy
2 Nicotine-free products: pharmaceutical glycol and vegetable glycerine and a text: nicotine-free products, click here

To learn more about Nicotine-free products go straight to Step 3, or click on the banner next to.

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Step 2: Choose the right NICOTINE STRENGTH

What nicotine strength (from 0 to 18+ mg/ml) will be perfect for your customers? Here are some tips on this point.

Customers segment:

  • The ex-smokers segment is usually interested in higher nicotine strengths
  • Cloud chasers usually vape e-liquids with low to medium strength
  • Regular vapers is a quite broad segment and may be interested in any strength available

Form of nicotine:

  • Pure nicotine is used for any low to medium strengths, as it is usually too harsh for e-liquids with higher strengths
  • Nicotine salts and Nic&Salt Hybrid are used for any strengths available, but mostly from medium to high

Vaping devices:

  • Mods are usually used for pure nicotine-based e-liquids and lower strengths
  • Pods are usually used for nicotine salt-based e-liquids and any strengths

Taste sensations:

  • Taste sensations are slightly better with pure nicotine, so if that’s very important consider strengths from low to medium

After all, the nicotine strength depends mainly on the customers’ habits. The tips above may be useful, but the most important is to know what nicotine strength is preferred by the customers to whom you target your product. That should be the starting point.

Step 3: Choose the right PG/VG RATIO

The most commonly used PG/VG ratios are:

hexagons with propylene glycol pg and vegetable glycerine vg ratios: pg, vg, 70pg/30vg, 50pg/50vg, 30pg,70vg

Below you can find the most important insights on PG and VG for e-liquids production.

  • PG is much better nicotine and flavor carrier whereas VG, due to its viscosity glycerine, makes bigger vaping clouds. Therefore, vapers, who like to taste new flavors will prefer a high PG ratio, while cloud-chasers will enjoy better higher VG ratios.
  • The higher the PG ratio, the stronger throat hit, more similar to inhaling tobacco smoke. This is one of the reasons why ex-smokers prefer higher PG content. VG provides a softer throat hit than PG.
  • VG makes e-liquids sweeter in taste.
  • The thinner consistency of PG makes cleaning the tank easier comparing to VG.
  • VG is much thicker than PG and it takes more time to saturate the cotton in the vape coil. Until this happens, dry hits may occur during vaping.
PG propylene glycol and VG vegetable glycerine comaprison in terms of: throat hit, flavour intensity, vapour size, thickness, allergy risk, vapour density, vapour temperature, gulk build up
Keep in mind that the nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio in a nicotine base do not equal the nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio in your final e-liquid product. Therefore, if you wish to buy a base that meets the above parameters of your final e-liquid product, you have 3 options:
  1. If you have time, proper competencies, and a facility, you can consider buying pure nicotine (like PureNic99+), PG, and VG, and mix your own e-liquid
  2. You can buy a base with a higher strength (compared to final e-liquid) and dilute it to the desired strength
  3. You can buy a base with the target strength and PG/VG ratio you need (custom solutions also available)

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We hope that this piece of knowledge was helpful to you in deciding what e-liquid base is ideal for you. 

If not, leave it to us! Just CLICK HERE (or the banner below), answer a few questions, we will analyze them and come back to you with your perfect base!

how to choose a perfect e-liquid base

You found your perfect e-liquid base…but what about a PERFECT SUPPLIER?

There are some crucial aspects that you should consider when choosing a supplier:

Quality of raw materials

  • The top-quality nicotine base consists of the purest, pharmaceutical quality raw materials: nicotine (such as PureNic99+), nicotine salts (such as NicSalts), and PG/VG.
  • All of them should be in compliance with USP/EP standards.

Quality of production

  • Be sure that your supplier has ISO, GMP, and HACCP certified facility.

Storing and handling of pure nicotine and nicotine salts

  • While quality is a must, it may diminish if products are not stored or handled properly. Eg. oxidation of pure nicotine may result in its darkening.
  • Whether you deal with nicotine bases or nicotine, it is good to know the proper ways to store and handle them.

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Any questions or doubts?

We hope we helped you learn how to choose the perfect e-liquid base! This knowledge will come useful, especially, if you are thinking about becoming a brand owner!

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