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Published On: 2019-02-14
a bottle of chemnovatic molinberry concentrated flavouring: natural tobacco extract

Tobacco flavours were a thing back in the day – people used e-cigarettes to quit smoking and many of them preferred tobacco flavours to fruity or dessert ones. Over the years a lot of things changed, but many of our customers are still looking for the perfect tobacco flavour for their e-liquids and shortfills. Are you one of them?

We have spent a lot of time researching and preparing the perfect answer to their needs – Chemnovatic Natural Tobacco Extract.

Natural Tobacco Extract is a tobacco flavouring unlike any other – authentic, aromatic essence of Virginia tobacco, extracted via a supercritical extraction and then steeped to perfection makes for possibly the best pure tobacco e-liquid flavour your customers have ever vaped.

Chemnovatic Natural Tobacco Extract concentrated flavouring is available in 100ml, 1L, and 5L canisters and is sold exclusively to manufacturers. Still not convinced? Head on to our product page and order a sample: You can also contact us at sales@chemnovatic.com.

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