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E-liquid vapors “similar to air” in test results

Viability of Human Airway cells during aerosol exposure. Copyright British American Tobacco Plc.

According to tests performed by British American Tobacco and tissue engineering firm MatTek Corp., the E-Cigarette vapor is no more dangerous to human airways and respiratory tissue than air.

The results were obtained using a combination of laboratory tests and VITROCELL smoking robot with MatTek EpiAirway tissue. The robot was used to inhale cigarette smoke, e- cigarette vapors, and air through EpiAirway tissue to test the influence of smoke and vapor on human respiratory tissue. Cigarette smoke was inhaled in accordance with the standard ISO 3308:2012 (35 mL puffs drawn over 2 s with 1 min intervals) while the electronic cigarette vapors were inhaled with a 80 mL puffs drawn over 3 s with 30 s intervals as currently there is no […]

Popcorn lung – the lies we have all been told and most of us believed

We have all read the articles foreseeing painful death to all vapers due to the horrible diacetyl present in e-liquids giving everybody “popcorn lung”. During the research carried out by the National Institute of Health the “deadly” diacetyl was found to be present in amounts above the laboratory limit of detection in 39 of 51 e-liquids tested by National Institute of Health. The diacetyl content in tested e-liquids was ranging from the detection limit, up to 239 µg/e-cigarette. If you read the above paragraph you could feel unsafe, some people would start worrying, some would panic. Unless you will do some more research on your own. Or simply keep reading. Looking through the National Institute of Health’s website you may find other research papers and findings, such as this gem titled “Safe exposure […]

Interesting research of the long term effects of vaping

Most vapers are still waiting for a long term study that would support the claims that e-liquids and vaping are much better for people than regular cigarettes. Now there is something we can actually show to the sceptics thanks to Dr Riccardo Polosa. According to a study that was recently presented on the E-Cigarette Summit in London and published in the Nature journal, vapers that have never smoked regular cigarettes experience no apparent long-term negative health effects from vaping. A research group led by Dr Riccardo Polosa measured coronary, respiratory and pulmonary vital signs in a group of young vapers with a 3.5 years vaping experience and no prior cigarette smoking history. A similar group of non-vapers, no smokers has tested as well as a control group. Scientists took into consideration blood […]

“E-cigarettes are the most popular stop smoking aid in England” according to Public Health England

According to a recent study by Public Health England, e-cigarettes are “the most popular stop smoking aid in England”. Leading UK public health organizations agree, that although not completely risk-free, the e-cigarette is far less harmful than the regular cigarette. They also claim, based on available research, that the risk reduction is estimated to be at least 95%.

Year to year the number of adult smokers in England is declining, currently being at an all-time low. According to the research, there are around 2.5 million e-cigarette users currently in England, 51% of which have stopped smoking cigarettes completely. The evidence shows, that the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aid is “broadly similar to prescribed stop smoking medicines and better than NRT [nicotine replacement therapy] products if these are […]

Current situation of vaping industry – bans and recent instances of “vaping-related” lung diseases

Recently, vaping industry and e-cigarette users have witnessed an eager discussion caused by sad instances of mysterious “vaping-related” lung diseases, and even deaths. What exactly happened? What consequences will the industry face? What can you do, if you are working in the vaping industry?

Dangerous e-liquids of unknown origin

Everyone’s attention was put to United States, where there were cases of over 500 people who suffered from lung injury. Unfortunately, there were also 7 confirmed deaths associated with e-cigarette product use. According to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) “All reported cases have a history of e-cigarette product use or Vaping”. Many scientists claim that the whole problem arose when users began to vape e-liquids from unknown sources and even e-liquids with psychoactive substances. What is important in this case, […]

Strong criticism of experts on WHO lack of support for tobacco harm reduction methods

Due to World No Tobacco Day, WHO has launched a misleading campaign presenting tobacco harm reduction methods in a negative way. Independent experts say that without supporting less harmful methods of delivering nicotine WHO “will squander the opportunity to avoid millions of premature deaths that will be caused by smoking”*

The threaths of smoking

World No Tobacco Day was established by WHO in 1987 due to the growing number of addicts and patients with illnesses caused by smoking. The holiday is an opportunity to draw the attention of the whole world to the prevalence of smoking and its negative health effects. World No Tobacco Day is also intended to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the world. According to WHO data, almost 8 million people die each year due to smoking […]

Harmful substances in e-liquid flavorings – what should you know?

Although e-liquids are a much less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, manufacturers should be aware that some e-liquid flavorings might contain certain undesired substances. Flavorings from unknown/poor-quality suppliers might cause harm, due to their unreliable composition. Although these substances are typically not found in high volumes, they’re often present at levels significant enough to be the reason to find an alternative flavoring without those substances.

What are the harmful substances in e-liquid flavourings?

Even though, according to the British NHS, e-cigarettes are approximately 95% less harmful than smoking, there still might be some unwanted substances that are being used in flavorings. Manufacturers of e-cigarettes should be always aware that there are some substances they should […]


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