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Chemnovatic’s ESG Strategy for a Sustainable Future: An Interview with the Vice President of Chemnovatic

Chemnovatic’s ESG strategy for a sustainable future – an interview with the Vice President of Chemnovatic

In today’s dynamic business world, the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy is becoming increasingly important. ESG refers to a company’s approach to environmental issues, social responsibility and ethical management practices. At Chemnovatic, the ESG strategy has been implemented in a consistent manner, aiming to create value while taking care of the planet and its inhabitants.

In implementing this strategy, the company is aware of the regional aspect that is crucial to the community in which it operates. Chemnovatic’s local impact on the environment, human health, and stakeholder relations is a priority in its decision-making and approach to operations. At the same time, the company targets its operations in a broader global context, fully aware that today’s environmental, social justice, and […]

“We are committed to sustainable consumption”: Sustainability In The Chemical Industry [Chemnovatic Guide]

Faced with the global challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, companies around the world are called upon to take action to protect our planet. Our company, which specialises in the production of high-quality chemical products, is not standing on the sidelines of this commitment. We aim to set the standard for sustainability in the chemical industry through innovation, education, active involvement and sustainable consumption. On our way to achieving our environmental goals, we are publishing an environmental guide, where you can find out what you need to take care of in order to create a better future for our planet, just like Chemnovatic. Among other things, you will learn from this article:
  • How to carefully analyse and reduce […]

See you on the 2nd Vape Expo Poland!

Second Vape Expo Poland takes place on the 9th and 10th September 2016 in Warsaw Ptak Expo venue in Nadarzyn. Following last edition’s model, first day is reserved for business visitors – a great opportunity for store owners, distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers alike to network, look for cooperation opportunities, and exchange ideas. The organisers have also prepared a conference – prelections on topics such as “How to create?” or “How to invest” will run from 11:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Day two is consumer day – every vaper’s dream. Apart from the opportunity to visit favorite manufacturers or distributors and taste their new concoctions, test various inhalers and other e-cigarette-related products, vapers will compete in Cloud Chasing competition, Vape Tricks show or attend coil building and e-liquid mixing workshops that will run all day long. The last event of the […]

Watch out! Fake Chemnovatic products from Russia!

We have received a very unsettling e-mail from one of our customers who has apparently bought PureNic 99+ nicotine from a man posing as a distributor of Chemnovatic products in Russia. Not only was the product they received of very low quality, but it didn’t contain any nicotine. Obviously it was not a genuine Chemnovatic PureNic 99+ nicotine, but a counterfeit product. Here’s the original e-mail from the customer: “I am sending you the photoes of the invoice and the nicotine  we purchased. We still have it..it’s a complete waste because we obviously won’t be able to use it as it’s way too bad. We have tested it and it turned out that the level of nicotine is zero in the bottle.” It is not the first time Chemnovatic products are […]

Chemnovatic at Expo Vape 2016. Visit us at booth 66!

Expo Vape 2016 is the first edition of Spain’s electronic cigarette and vaping event. The event takes place on the Madrid Arena from 18th to 20th of November. We would like to invite everybody attending the show to visit Chemnovatic team at booth 66 on the second floor. Please use the map below for reference.

IMPORTANT! New PayPal email adress for our B2B customers!

Dear Customers, Many of you choose PayPal as a method of payment on Chemnovatic’s trade platform – chemnovatic.com. To make everything easier and less confusing, we have changed the PayPal email address. Please be careful and double check the email you are using to pay for your orders. The new email address for PayPal payments can be found on pro forma invoices.

Vaper Expo 2017 – See you at booth G30!

The Vaper Expo 2017 is the biggest vape show in Europe taking place in NEC Birmingham on 26th – 28th May 2017. Chemnovatic will be attending as an exhibitor for the first time, we are very excited and we would love to meet you. If you would like to visit us, sample our nicotine bases or TPD ready e-liquids (including TPD e-liquids registered in England) or simply chat, we are waiting for you at Booth G30. See you in Birmingham!

Oświadczenie: firma Chemnovatic nie produkuje baz Crazy Rabbit oraz Alchemia

Informujemy, że CHEMNOVATIC Ławecki Gęca Sp. j., nie jest oraz nigdy nie był producentem następujących baz nikotynowych: Alchemia Baza Bezsmakowa Crazy Rabbit Baza Bezsmakowa Jedynym elementem wspólnym była rejestracja w/w baz nikotynowych pod kontem TPD w Polsce poprzez naszą firmę. Wspomniana rejestracja została jednak już usunięta z powodu braku porozumienia co do warunków współpracy. Reasumując, chcemy jeszcze raz zaznaczyć, że nie mamy nic wspólnego z powyższymi produktami i żadna ich partia nie została wyprodukowana przez firmę Chemnovatic.

Over 65 Chemnovatic products now fully registered in the UK

We have just received information, that all products we have applied for registration in the UK (that includes over 30 products we have registered for our customers) have had their status changed from “Under review” to “Declared”. Great news for us and our customers, who have decided to choose our services. If you are looking for a professional, custom-tailored service including laboratory tests, certification, preparation of all required documentation and finally TPD notification simply contact us. Many customers have already benefitted from our help, join them.

Full range of Chemnovatic premixes available in Croatia!

Croatian vapers! We are pleased to inform you that E-Revolucija is the first store in Croatia to carry the full range of Chemnovatic premixed e-liquidsAmerican SweetsMistupV.A.P ROOM and VAPY Complex PLUS, as well as, Nic Shot nicotine shots. They have a helpful and well-informed crew that will surely make your shopping experience easy and pleasurable. Pop in if you are a Zagreb local, or just visiting: E-Revolucija vl. Saša Demšić Maksimirska 118 10000 Zagreb Croatia You can also order online – our e-liquids can be found here: https://www.erevolucija.com/kategorija/41/vapy-premium-tekucine. Enjoy!


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