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Blog tag: E-Liquid Industry Regulations

Regulations In The Vape Industry

The vape industry is subject to various legal e-liquid regulations. Complicated and irritating as the regulations may sometimes seem, they serve the safety of people who may get in contact with dangerous substances. Due to that, substances, like nicotine, have to be registered before being placed on the market. Check the key regulations in the vape industry.

NOTE: this article is part of our Knowledge Base, where – in one place – we have gathered for you all the relevant facts and background information you need to learn about the e-liquid industry and succeed in it as a manufacturer or brand owner.

There are 3 main regulations regarding the European e-liquid market:

  • TPD – Tobacco Products Directive
  • CLP – Classification, Labeling and Packaging
  • REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

Keep in mind, that, aside from […]

Safe Usage Of Chemicals: Chemnovatic Guide

Safety is one of the key elements for the proper functioning of a company operating in the nicotine and chemical industries. In order to optimize processes, minimize risk and ensure the highest safety standards, Chemnovatic prepared a comprehensive guide “Safe Usage of Chemicals”. Thanks to this compendium, you will effectively minimize risks and ensure safety at every stage of production processes. In this guide you will learn, among others:
  • How to prepare for working with chemicals
    • Legal bases and REACH registration
    • Necessary tests and occupational risks
    • Proper equipment and Terms of Use
    • Adequate facilities and personal protective equipment
    • Training Required
  • How to read signs, pictograms and certificates
    • What are signs and pictograms
    • How to read and interpret signs and pictograms
    • What are certificates, how to read them and why they are so important
  • What is MSDS and how to […]

CLP – what is it? How does it influence nicotine base or e-liquid packaging design?

Welcome again in our series of articles related to REACH and its obligations. Last time we explained what REACH is and today we promised to talk about CLP.

What is CLP then? Does it influence nicotine bases manufacturers?

Again the name of this Regulation comes from the first letters of a phrase: Classification, Labelling, and Packaging. As you know those three issues are very important for the chemical industry. Nowadays it may be obvious that a product composed of chemical substances on a shop shelf has a label informing you about any threats that may be caused by this product. This information and the way we display it on a product is regulated by the CLP. Born on 16 December 2008, it came into force on 20 January 2009, but a […]

REACH and CLP summary on the example of PureNic 99+ pure nicotine

Welcome in our third and last article about REACH and CLP. We didn’t have the time and opportunity to talk about all the requirements coming from one of the biggest regulations in EU, but we will try to summarize the most important ones. Let’s do it on the example of our flagship product – PureNic 99+ pure nicotine.
When looking at nicotine description on our website, you will find the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) among other documents. SDS is required by REACH and it is supposed to be created for every hazardous substance.

Supplier of a substance or mixture has to deliver an SDS to the entity that purchased said product. On our website, you will find the most recent version of the SDS, because this year a new CLP harmonized classification for nicotine has been […]

Chemnovatic at Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2019!

Industry conferences are an important way of knowledge sharing, staying up to date with regulations and trends, and a great way to network and expand your contacts. We attend the most important conferences as well as share our knowledge with the industry. Next Generation Nicotine Delivery is a conference addressing market trends, product innovation, and public health in the nicotine industry. The program is full of compelling topics from consumer trends to the latest market innovations. It is also the opportunity to take part in round table discussions and listen to some of the most reputable specialists in the industry. Our representatives attend the conference every year, staying up to date with trends and leading round table discussions as industry specialists. This year Chemnovatic’s Regulatory Affairs Specialist – Marcin Górecki prepared a round table […]

Menthol Cigarettes Are Banned. The Time For Menthol E-Liquids Is NOW

Since 20th May 2020 the sale of menthol cigarettes and cigarettes with taste capsule has been banned in the European Union. New regulations were introduced by the EU Tobacco Directive. The Tobacco Directive, which was adopted in the EU a few years ago, among other things, sets out, the prohibition of the use of flavours in analogue cigarettes. The ban, however, does not apply to electronic cigarettes, tobacco heaters, and menthol cigars and cigarillos. What you should know about menthol e-liquids? Learn more:

E-Liquid Manufacturer Standards: Practical Tips For Producers And Brand Owners

High quality manufacturing standards will help skyrocket your e-liquid brand. Customers expect top-of-the-range products. These are the only ones they are willing to buy, are loyal to and want to explore new ones. We have been in business since 2013 and our partners get products of repeatable quality. Get some tips from wordclass-level e-liquid manufacturer (and more!).

Learn more:

Flavoured E-Liquids Are Banned In The Netherlands!

In the last days of November, the Dutch authorities published an amendment that clearly stated – flavoured e-liquids will be banned in the Netherlands. Thus, it will become another country where such restrictions will come to life. Check more: Up to that point, the e-liquid flavourings ban was a thing to expect, as back in 2020, the authorities announced they were planning to ban flavoured e-cigarettes and vapes. The grapevine had it that it […]


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