Published On: 2023-07-27

Many manufacturers and vapers ask themselves what the relationship is between nicotine content in salts and nicotine absorption. You ask the question quite often, so we answer!

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What is the nicotine content in nic salts?

Nicotine salts are derived from nicotine and various acids, and the specific acid used plays a crucial role in determining the properties of each nicotine salt. While nicotine content is a factor, the choice of acid is of primary importance in defining the characteristics of the nicotine salt.

It’s worth noting that nicotine salts are typically diluted to a concentration of around 18-20 mg/ml in the final products purchased by consumers, regardless of their initial nicotine content.

To illustrate this further, let’s consider some examples:

  • In 1 kg of Pyruvate Salt (NicSalt-P), there is 48% nicotine (480 mg/ml)
  • In 1 kg of Levulinate Salt (NicSalt-Lev), there is 59% nicotine (590 mg/ml)
  • In 1 kg of pure nicotine, you have 100% nicotine (1000 mg/ml)

To create a base liquid with a strength of 200 mg/ml, you would require:

  • For a base using Pyruvate Salt – 417 grams of NicSalt-P (200/480)
  • For a base using Levulinate Salt – 339 grams of NicSalt-Lev (200/590)

This means that both bases will have the same 200 mg/ml strength. However, you would need less NicSalt-Lev to achieve this strength because it contains a higher percentage of nicotine (59%) compared to NicSalt-P (48%). The amount of nicotine in 1 kg of a given salt determines how much of that salt you will need to produce the e-liquid with the desired strength.

Does the level of nicotine in the salts affect nicotine absorption?

While the nicotine content in a specific salt does not directly influence its absorption rate in the body, the salt’s inherent properties determine how easily it is absorbed. Therefore, even if two bases have the same nicotine content per 1 ml, their absorption by the body can vary based on the specificity of the respective salts.

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In conclusion, nicotine salts display varying absorption rates, but overall, they offer a better biocompatibility and easier absorption for the human body compared to pure nicotine.

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