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Manufacturers of top e-liquid brands like Dinner Lady or Vampire Vape know that e-liquid flavors make a huge difference to the final product. No wonder that they guard their recipes so rigorously. In fact, the flavour itself, apart from nicotine, is the component that is the most sought after by the end customers. It is the aromas that give e-liquids this characteristic aftertaste, depending on the needs and preferences. They also make the use more pleasant and are associated with the sweet smell of your favorite dessert or drink. Certainly, this is an undeniable advantage compared to ordinary analog cigarettes, the smell of which probably does not need to be described here.

Why concentrated flavourings are so important

No one wants to use flavors that are acidic or have an unpleasant taste. The e-juice market is full of new flavors and e-liquid lines. There are many brands that offer a great and varied taste experience and a wide variety of aromas. For this reason, it is so hard to break into the market and achieve such splendid success as, for example, Lemon Tart Dinner Lady.

When the end consumers encounter an e-liquid or any vaping juice that has an authentic and multidimensional taste, they tend to come back to it on a regular basis. So, to achieve it, the manufacturers blend a range of flavors, and mix them with other e-liquid additives to receive the most spectacular and original end product they possibly can. This way, the dull taste is diversified but you are still able to get the flavor of your choice.

Consumer flavor preferences: Europe

According to the ECigIntelligence survey, the most popular group of e-liquid flavorings in European countries are fruit flavors. They are the most popular especially when it comes to Germany, France and United Kingdom. Whereas, the most popular e-liquid flavour group in Italy is tobacco. The dessert flavors, which rank second in the popularity ranking, also deserve attention. However, the country where they are most popular is France. Mint and menthol flavourings seem to be the most popular in the UK, whereas the least interest is shown in beverage flavourings. This does not mean, however, that these flavors are not popular in Europe at all. They are just placed in the less favorable position in the ranking of ECigIntelligence survey.

chart with consumer flavour preferences in Europe

Trends in the concentrated flavorings use

Recently the popularity of tobacco and menthol flavorings skyrocketed when a number of countries introduced a ban on e-liquids with flavorings other than mint and tobacco. What is important, not only do simple flavors dominate the e-liquid market. The most popular e-liquids flavours are the ones that mix menthol or tobacco with other flavouring, not single tobacco/mentor flavours.

This phenomenon was investigated by ECigIntelligence. The popular online vaping industry magazine prepared a report on the global trends in e-liquid flavors. The report presents data that has been updated quarterly every year since 2017. Below, you can see the comparison of the popularity of simple flavourings vs. complex flavours.

tobacco & menthol containing e-liquid diagrams

Regulation concerning e-liquid flavors

Regulations concerning the e-liquids industry as well as e-cigarette flavors are changing dynamically. However, global trends to tighten policies are clearly visible. There is increasing regulatory pressure on flavours other than tobacco in e-liquids. Some states of the United States and several European countries have already introduced bans on the sale of e-liquids with flavors other than menthol or tobacco. All this to make the final product not so much attractive for consumers, especially for the youth. At the same time, some people believe that these restrictions also make e-liquids less attractive for cigarette smokers, discouraging them from quitting smoking.

US flavour bans

  • 4 states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Local and city restrictions: esp. California
  • 15+ new state proposals to ban all flavours other than tobacco i.e. including mint/menthol

International flavor bans (not including countries which ban the product entirely):

  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Estonia
  • Denmark (transition period for products already on the market ends on 1st April 2022)
  • Netherlands (from 2022)
  • Saudi Arabia (some flavours only)
  • Philippines
  • Canada (upcoming, set to take effect Jan 1, 2022)
  • Netherlands / Sweden / Lithuania (upcoming, set to take effect July 1, 2022)

You can follow the current and upcoming e-liquid regulations on our website under this link.

chemical vessels filled with colorfull liquids, standing on scales

Create the perfect balance with your recipe

When it comes to e-liquid flavorings, there is no set formulas or rules that you need to obey in order to create the perfect recipe. In fact, creativity plays a significant role here. You can create a range of recipes and use a variety of flavourings to make the e-liquid sweet, minty, fruity, or whatever you like. Flavors can be very intense, or less intense, they make the end product smells delicious or “good-tasting”. All you need to do is to ensure that you get quality assurance for every ingredient used. It is especially important for products that come into direct contact with a human organism like e-liquids. In fact, you need to make sure that your flavorings are of the best quality possible to maintain the quality of your e-liquids.

How to choose the best e-liquid flavors?

The only way to get a great e-liquid recipe is to use professional flavorings – certified and tested products. You need to make sure that your e-liquids will successfully pass all the law requirements like the TPD laboratory tests. Another important aspect is the trending of a given flavour. Be sure to always pay attention to your customers’ preferences. There are many brands of e-liquids on the market and it is quite a challenge to be successful in such a saturated industry. Fortunately, there are companies like Chemnovatic that support their clients with the necessary industry knowledge. If you have any questions about e-liquid or flavor recipes, please contact us at

P.S. what are YOUR favorite e-liquid flavors? :) Or maybe you are thinking about developing your own brand? In that case check our guide about becoming a brand owner!

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