Published On: 2016-04-04
a packaging with VAPY logo on it and a text: this products contains nicotine which is highly addictive substance

In Part 1 of the “TPD-compliant e-liquid packaging”. we have covered the TPD regulations regarding the e-liquid labels and packaging design. Today we shall go over the requirements for collective packaging, also known as display box, and the information on the flyer.

Remember: The following regulations are the general guidelines introduced by the EU. Member states have the right to introduce their own, stricter regulations – please make sure to acquaint yourself with regulations appropriate for your country.

Collective packaging/ Display box:

The Tobacco Products Directive requires the information to be displayed on the collective packaging to be more or less the same as shown on the individual e-liquid packaging. Collective packaging needs to accommodate the following:

  1. Brand name
  2. Ingredients listed in descending order by content
  3. Nicotine content
  4. Nicotine content in ingested dose
  5. Batch number
  6. The “Keep out of reach of children and animals.” warning
  7. Manufacturer information: name, address, phone number, www address.
a packaging with VAPY logo on it and a text: this products contains nicotine which is highly addictive substance

8. Health warning: “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance, it is not recommended to be sold to non-smokers.” (written in black, bold Helvetica font on white background; centered within the designated area; for cubical and collective packaging the warnings are parallel to the side edges of the individual or collective packaging. The warning text is parallel to the main text on the plane reserved for that warning. Health warning: visible on two biggest planes of the individual and collective packaging, takes up 30% of individual and collective packaging area.)


The flyer contains the instructions regarding the following:

  1. Usage and storage of the product, including information regarding the unsuitability for minors and non- smokers
  2. Contraindications
  3. Warnings for risk groups
  4. Possible adverse effects
  5. Addictive properties and toxicity
  6. Contact details, either manufacturer’s or distributor’s and a contact person or body for the EU region.
a text on a packaging flyer wiith 3 paragraphs circled and a vapy logo on top

Additional information to go on a flyer:

E-cigarette liquid: Liquid designated for use with e-cigarettes with a CE certificate.

Composition: vegetable glycerin (CAS: 56-81-5), propylene glycol (CAS: 57-55-6), flavorings, nicotine (CAS: 54-11-5)


Keep the contents of this package in a dark, cool and dry environment, out of reach of children and animals, at a safe distance from groceries.


This product should not be used during pregnancy and the lactation period, by persons under the age of 18 or by anyone allergic to propylene glycol or glycerin, people suffering from circulatory diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, or using anti- depressants or asthma medication.

Warnings for risk groups:

This product should not be used during pregnancy and the lactation period, by persons under the age of 18 or non- smokers.

Adverse effects:

Nicotine is a toxic substance when inhaled, ingested or in contact with skin. Nicotine may increase heart rate and blood pressure, cause sleepiness, nausea and stomach pains. Inhaling nicotine may reduce efficiency of respiratory system. Direct ingestion may be poisonous. This product contains nicotine which may cause birth defects or reproductive organs damage.

Safety notice:

This product contains nicotine which is a toxic, highly addictive substance. If the product is swallowed or comes into contact with eyes or skin, flush with large amounts of water. When seeking medical advice, have the product container or label at hand.

Information not allowed:

E-liquid manufacturers are not allowed to place on the packaging any information that may indicate or suggest that the product is less harmful or offers health benefits of any kind (‘light’, ‘ultra-light’, ‘mild’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘without additives’, ‘without flavors’ or ‘contains vitamins’ etc.). This also includes any figurative, pictures or symbols placed on the bottle, label, packaging, inserts or any additional stickers etc.

The packaging (box, label, insert) should not contain discount vouchers, ‘2 for 1’ offers or any other incentives.

an empty bottle, a nozzle, and a cap

Packaging design also plays and important role.

While safety and honest information is important, you should not sacrifice attractive design of your packaging. People buy with their eyes, that is why regardless of all the TPD regulations as well as local laws, the product should look appealing and attract potential customer’s attention. Think of various bottle and cap colors, design an attractive label and an interesting box.

Every manufacturer knows, when choosing packaging for your product one needs to account for technological aspects of the packaging, that will ensure quick and easy manufacturing process that will also reduce the cost of the finished product.

Also, learn more about e-liquid regulations. Check what REACH is and why one talks about it or read about CLP and it’s impact on e-liquid packaging design.

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e-liquid bottles nozzle in 3 perspectives

Packaging design also plays and important role.

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  1. Martyn Hudson 2016-05-06 at 15:39 - Reply

    I enquire as to what if any regulation could be applied to packaging for individual packs of 2ml or less. The device tanks to not furnish any information so it would be indefensible to ask that packages of a capacity smaller than a device tank need to comply with TPD regulation unless of course it is the directives Intent to force each device in use to be labelled differently each time it used. Multi use packs clearly fall within the scope but can anyone clarify the obvious regarding packs smaller than the i legislated tanks ?

    • Michał Kozłowski 2016-05-09 at 12:16 - Reply

      The TPD covers any liquid that contains nicotine, regardless of the volume- whether it is 0.5ml, 2 or 10ml it falls under the same regulations.

  2. Majid Khan 2016-06-12 at 22:59 - Reply

    Hello. Thank you for sharing the info, found it very useful.

    Have one question,

    In your document (part 1) you have used an 18+ pictogram, and I have seen other docs use an under 18 logo in a red circle with a red line going through it. Are these pictograms registered trademarks that we would need to seek permission to use or are they free to use? it would be helpful if you could provide references in the answer too.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Michał Kozłowski 2016-06-13 at 08:19 - Reply

      Hello Majid,
      The pictograms on our products were designed by one of our graphic designers. If you cannot design your own, I am sure you can find suitable pictograms on sites such as or find a graphic designer who will not charge an arm and a leg.
      Chemnovatic designs the packaging and labels for our customers as part of our OEM service – that may be another thing to consider.

  3. My zabir 2016-08-04 at 06:52 - Reply

    Why is it necessary or what is the true reason for restricting the tanks to a 2 ml tank and a 10 ml e liquid bottle when the same rules could have applied even if the tanks were bigger in capacity.
    I mean bleach bottles come in much bigger sizes and they are equally as dangerous if kids get hold of them????

    • Michał Kozłowski 2016-08-16 at 08:28 - Reply

      It would be best to ask people who invented the regulations, we assume it has something to do with the maximum nicotine content in a bottle.

  4. Jeff 2016-09-16 at 21:21 - Reply

    Is the nicotine warning that takes up 30% of the collective packaging area also required on the 10mL bottle labels?

    • Michał Kozłowski 2016-10-17 at 13:34 - Reply

      No Jeff, if you have the warning on unit packaging (a box) then the warning is not required on the label, if there is no unit packaging then your bottle becomes the unit packaging and the warning is required to be visible on the label.

  5. Kobe Roy 2019-07-18 at 23:54 - Reply

    Interesting Post! Enhanced my knowledge. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  6. Jason Guy 2020-11-26 at 08:59 - Reply

    One of those boxes which loved by the people are always attractive for durable with luxury appearance.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the wonderful work.


  7. Harrison 2021-03-11 at 09:25 - Reply

    e-liquid cigarette is easier to use and u don’t even create pollution if u use this

  8. Jackson 2023-03-03 at 11:54 - Reply

    One of those boxes that people adore is constantly alluring due to its durability and opulent appeal.
    I appreciate you sharing, and keep up the fantastic work.

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