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Nicotine: What It Is And How Is It Classified?

What is nicotine, what is its history and what is its chemical classification? Check out the key information that will help you understand it better and use it in the production of e-liquids and other smoking alternatives.

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Airway test reveals e-liquid vapor produces similar result as air

Is it possible that e-liquids and e-cigarettes are no more harmful to the human respiratory tract than air? The results of the study seem to confirm this….
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E-Liquid and its harm. Surprising study

According to tests performed by British American Tobacco and tissue engineering firm MatTek Corp., the E-Cigarette vapor is no more dangerous to human airways and respiratory tissue than air. The results were obtained using a combination of laboratory tests and […]

Long-Term Effects of Vaping: Interesting Research

Wondering how vaping affects your health? We reached out to an interesting study that analyzed the long-term effects of vaping. The results are quite… interesting. Just read on!

Is vaping bad for you?

Most vapers are still waiting for a long-term study that would support the claims that e-liquids and vaping are much better for people than regular cigarettes. Now there is something we can actually show to the sceptics thanks to Dr Riccardo Polosa.
According to a study that was recently presented on the E-Cigarette Summit in London and published in the Nature journal, vapers that have never smoked regular cigarettes experience no apparent long-term negative health […]

Does vaping help to quit smoking? Is vaping better than smoking? [Public Health England Study]

Is vaping better than smoking or worse? Does vaping help to quit smoking? Check the Public Health England study. Numbers are so interesting!

Is vaping better than smoking?

According to a recent study by Public Health England, e-cigarettes are “the most popular stop smoking aid in England”. Leading UK public health organizations agree, that although not completely risk-free, the e-cigarette is far less harmful than the regular cigarette. They also claim, based on available research, that the risk reduction is estimated to be at least 95%.

Does vaping help to quit smoking? Smokers vs. Vapers in UK

Year to year […]


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