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How to use our B2B platform (FAQ)

Answers to frequently asked questions

In this section you will find answers to most frequently asked questions. Learn what’s the minimum order quantity, what methods of payment we accept, if we sell samples, and more! Below you can also find an instructional video of how to proceed with the payment process. In case you didn’t find an answer to your question, contact us at sales@chemnovatic.com.

How to buy raw materials for e-liquids on Chemnovatic platform?2022-10-17T14:17:19+02:00

In the video below we present you the process of buying e-liquid raw materials on our platform. Learn how to: register an account; provide your company data; wait for an account verification; start purchasing. If any other question arise, feel free to contact us at sales@chemnovatic.com

What’s the minimum order quantity?2022-06-09T15:25:19+02:00

For our standard products:

  • Pure nicotine – 1,0L
  • Concentrated flavoring – 10ml
  • Nicotine bases – 100ml
  • Empty packages – 10 bottles of each kind
  • E-liquids:
    • Ready to sell (OEM) – 100 bottles of each type, for example: 100 bottles of a watermelon flavor with 6mg/ml nicotine concentration.
    • Bigger packagings – 1,0L of each type, for example: 1 L bottle of a watermelon flavor with 6mg/ml nicotine concentration.

In case of non-standard products and solutions all the shipping details are discussed individually.

What is the quality of your nicotine? Is it USP/EP class pure?2022-12-19T12:01:34+01:00

Our Nicotine liquid is 99,9% pure. It not only meets the current requirements of USP / EP, but even exceeds them. Product is crystal clear and almost odorless. Many of our customers claim this is the purest and most neutral flavored freebase nicotine they have ever used.

When will my order be shipped?2022-10-28T14:22:10+02:00

Products from our standard offer are usually shipped within 1-2 days after payment. Terms of the delivery of custom orders are negotiated individually with the customer.

How is the pure nicotine packed and shipped?2022-10-28T14:34:27+02:00


We are a professional company and we always fulfill all the requirements for packaging and sending dangerous products. Every bottle containing nicotine is secured by a customized styrofoam box. Bottles are additionally protected by thick foil bags with inserted polystyrene. The whole package is then placed in cartons with the appropriate UN certificates. Furthermore, in case of nicotine leakage caused by damage in transit, each box is lined with an absorbent mat.


We cooperate with many couriers and logistic companies experienced in handling hazardous substances. Packages are sent in accordance with the ADR requirements.

How much is shipping?2023-05-11T12:36:42+02:00

We have contracts with several transport companies to optimize the costs of delivery to our customers around the world. Many of our products are classified as hazardous substances and require special transport services (ADR). Due to these circumstances, each shipping is priced individually.

What methods of payment do you accept?2023-04-06T12:51:51+02:00
  1. We accept bank transfers (currencies: EUR, PLN, USD, GBP); money transfers and online payments via PayPal; online payment with credit card via PayU. PayPal usually adds 4,5% commission, based on the value of the order, including postage. PayU usually adds 1% commission, based on the value of the order, including postage.
  2. Unless otherwise indicated in the order confirmation, prices shall be deemed excluding packaging and shipping costs (postage, freight, insurance or delivery charges) and before the addition of the statutory VAT.
  3. Cash discounts shall only be granted based on prior written agreement. Calculation of cash discounts shall be based on the day of receipt of invoice payment to our account.
  4. We usually require that the invoices shall be paid in advance. We reserve the right to request prepayment for additional deliveries.
  5. If the Contracting Party has not fulfilled its obligations to pay in due time despite a warning, we shall be entitled to block the dealer access, subject to further claims.
  6. If after conclusion of the contract it is discovered that our entitlement to the purchase price is threatened by the Contracting Party’s inability to pay (e.g. because of an application for the commencement of insolvency proceedings), we are entitled to cancel the contract in accordance with the legislation on refusal of performance and, where applicable, following the setting of a deadline.

PayU usually adds 1% commission, based on the value of the order, including postage.

After receiving Pro-Forma invoice with a payment link please fill in the payment form:

We accept only payments done with credit cards that belong to company. We cannot approve any payments done with private credit cards. If the payment was incorrect we will send the money back.

Do you offer non-standard products and packaging?2022-06-09T15:12:27+02:00

One of our main competitive advantages is flexibility. We are producers, so we can deliver our products in various packages or even make new ones, adjusted to your personal needs. We also offer solutions adjusted to your local laws, custom range nicotine bases, new flavors or packages in customized shapes.

Do you have non-standard needs or interesting ideas? We will be happy to hear from you.

What is the recommended dosage of Chemnovatic Flavours?2023-06-01T10:01:33+02:00

Dispensing of Chemnovatic Flavours depends on its kind. The recommended dosage is based on the research carried out on testers with whom we work. However, each of us has different tastes and preferences for flavour intensity, so we encourage you to experiment further. Please refer to our Dosage Table.

Are you a manufacturer or a reseller?2023-03-16T10:12:52+01:00

We manufacture most of the products from our offer: pure nicotine, nicotine salts, nicotine bases, and flavours. When it comes to glycerin, glycol, and some other chemical raw materials, we resell them. Due to our partnerships with market-leading suppliers, we are able to supply them in a very competitive prices.

Do you offer your products to private customers?2023-06-01T09:58:18+02:00

Chemnovatic cooperates directly with business customers only.

If you are an individual client we recommend visiting the website of one of our distributors: Vaporiz’Arte – Portugal and Spain Vaperstek – USA & Canada Flawless – Republic of South Africa or ask your nearest shop for Chemnovatic Flavour products.

Can I order samples?2022-10-28T14:29:52+02:00
Yes, you can. Samples are available at a reduced price after registration.


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