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E-Liquid: What It Is? History, Business Opportunities, And More!

E-liquid industry is growing as well as vaping’s popularity. What does this phenomenon consist of? Let’s take a closer look at e-liquids. What an e-liquid is? What substances they do contain? Why are nicotine vapors so much better for your health than regular cigarette smoke? It is only a few questions we answer in this article. 

E-Liquid: a bit of history

Electronic cigarette was born in the 1960’s thanks to Herbert A. Gilbert. He patented a device that actually was a smokeless, tobacco-less cigarette. It worked by heating a nicotine solution and producing nicotine vapors that could be then inhaled to ingest nicotine. The invention did not catch on until 40 years later. Chinese chemist, Hon Lik proposed using an ultrasound-emitting element to heat and vaporize a liquid containing nicotine. He was also the one to start using

Custom made OEM e-liquids

OEM E-liquids

E-liquids – at first a simple mix of glycol or glycerin and pure nicotine. Colorless, tasteless nicotine replacement product meant to help people quit smoking. Nothing to get excited about until you add flavorings – added to e-liquids to transform a tasteless, bland vapor into a festival of smells and flavors. Ever wanted to vape milk and cookies? How about Whiskey & Coke in your e-cig? These are the merits of e-cigarette flavorings. When manufactured by a professional company, they are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes and released for consumption by the EU. All flavors should at least meet, best if they exceed the European food flavors regulations 1334/2008 and not contain colorants or […]

Mix Your First E-Liquid Using DIY Bases

Mixing your own e-liquids not only saves you money, but it’s also a fantastic vaping adventure. You can feel like a real chemist choosing the right ingredients, proportions or flavours. Do you want to start your adventure with mixing e-liquids based on DIY bases? We will guide you through all the steps step by step. See also:
In the last episode of our “DIY e-liquids” articles we went over the basics of DIY e-liquids: equipment, safety […]

New Chemnovatic brands of e-liquids and nicotine shots

We have recently launched three new brands of premixed, intensive, nicotine-free e-liquids that are going to be sold across Europe, two of them will also be available in our own chain of Wapiarnia vape shops and vape cafes. We have also introduced a brand of great-value nicotine shots. First of the e-liquid brands – V.A.P ROOM consists of tobacco and alcohol flavors. Party lovers will definately enjoy a good pinacolada, coffee and whiskey or beer with raspberry juice, as for tobacco flavors, vapers can choose from cherry tobacco, mango tobacco, and chocolate tobacco. V.A.P ROOM premixes come in two volumes – 20ml of e-liquid in a 30ml glass bottle with pipette and 80ml of e-liquid in a 100ml PET bottle with a twist off cap. Another is American Sweets. It is a […]

Top Vape Trends 2020: Opportunity Knocks!

2019 is officially behind us and the vapers world is ready for the changes 2020 is going to bring to the industry. It’s up to you, as an e-liquid manufacturer, if you copy the actions of industry leaders or introduce the innovations your customers are waiting for. What you already know is the fact that the e-cigarette industry is constantly growing and hates boredom. You have to be up to date with latest vape trends.

Manufacturers wish to create new and more sophisticated solutions so that consumers receive an innovative product that stands out from other brands. The actions that you take, as an e-liquid manufacturer, should depend on your target group of vapers and their problems or needs. In this article, we are going to check, how you can take advantage of one of the […]

We are exhibiting at Vapexpo!

Chemnovatic at Vapexpo 2023

Happy to let you know that we will be taking part in the 17th edition of Vapexpo! This multinational vape trade fair will take place from 📅 16 to 17 April, 2023 at Centre De congres de Lyon, Lyon, France.

Vapexpo ia


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