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Published On: 2021-02-08

Although POD systems and nicotine salt (nic salt) are relatively new to the market, they are becoming the choice of more and more vapers. Each year new brands are constantly being launched worldwide. While repeating the spectacular success of the Juul brand may not be easy, it is still worth trying to get a piece of this e-liquid cake on local markets. Why nic salt is so popular? There are a few reasons for their rapid success. Most of them are rooted in the chemical structure of e-liquids with nicotine salts. To understand this phenomenon better, let’s take a closer look at our subject matter: nicotine salts.

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What is salt nicotine?

From the chemical perspective, nicotine salts are compounds of pure nicotine with some organic acid for example benzoic acid, or malic acid. In other words, nicotine salts are just another chemical form of nicotine to be blended with PG/VG. The difference, however, between nicotine salts and pure nicotine is not only the chemical structure but also the vaping experience of users.

Because of the lower pH level of nicotine salts (around 5) than traditional pure nicotine, nicotine salts are more biocompatible with the human organism. In other words, nicotine salts do not provide vapers with the harshness on the throat, so-called “throat hit”.

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How are nic salt e-liquids different from the ordinary pure nicotine e-liquids?

Because of the less harshness on the throat, users of nicotine salts e-liquids can vape them with the higher nicotine strengths without uncomfortable, or unpleasant sensations. This leads to a greater nicotine fix which can be compared to the one after smoking an ordinary cigarette. For this reason, nicotine salts e-liquids are an ideal solution for people who would like to switch from or completely quit smoking.

Most of the traditional e-liquids with pure nicotine (not salts) are ideal for sub-ohm vaping which produces large vapor clouds. Nicotine salts, on the other hand, require different equipment.

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What device do you need to vape nic salt? Can you use salt nic juice in a regular vape?

Nicotine salts vape juices are ideal for MTL devices, PODs, and low-power e-cigarettes. It is generally accepted that low power devices (POD systems) are specifically designed to preserve the chemical properties of nicotine salts. For example, let’s take a look at coils in POD systems. Resistance in POD coils is about 1-3 OHMs which is quite high when compared to traditional atomizers (0,15-0,5 OHMs). Higher resistance results in less cloud and a lower dose of nicotine during salt vaping. It is also a kind of protection because salt-based liquids are usually sold in the highest permissible strengths (18-20 mg/ml).

Since nicotine salts do not irritate the respiratory tract, users are automatically able to inhale larger amounts of vapors. A smaller cloud automatically protects us from absorbing too much nicotine into the body. As it would happen if someone would like to vape nicotine salts on a coil with lower resistance and providing big and dense clouds.

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POD systems nicotine salts – what makes them so popular?

Nic salts are a relatively new product that is quickly becoming a hit within the vaper community. Instead of using traditional liquid nicotine, many e-juice manufacturers prefer to buy nicotine salts which are more and more popular. One of the biggest reasons, unsurprisingly, is that you get a lot more nicotine per puff from salts e-juice. This makes nicotine salts the perfect transitioning tool. It is ideal for smokers who would like to switch to vaping but want high levels of nicotine.

Even if getting a fix isn’t your main priority, nicotine salts and PODs have several advantages over free-base nicotine:

  • Less liquid used to receive the same amount of nicotine
  • Less intense throat-hit
  • No need to re-fill the e-liquid container
  • POD systems are much more compact than most modern vaping devices
  • Easy to use and discrete

Chemnovatic NicSalt Bases

Nic Salt Bases

Chemnovatic offers the highest quality nicotine salt bases to e-liquid manufacturers at great prices and in a range of concentrations and ratios. Nicotine salt e-liquid provides a smoother, more delicate nicotine hit than recipes containing higher nicotine concentrations.

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Discover the new generation of e-liquid bases – Nic&Salt Hybrid Bases

These are bases combining both types of nicotine–freebase nicotine and nicotine salt mixed in the highest quality PG / VG. This unusual mix was created in order to provide e-liquids users with an even longer and stronger nicotine effect.

salt nicotine bases

The perfect solution for POD systems

Usually, vapers who use higher nicotine strengths of e-liquids vape in PODs. For this reason, and because of the two factors mentioned above, Nic&Salt Hybrid Bases will perfectly work in POD systems.

If you want to know more about the possibilities that offer Nic&Salt Hybrid Bases, contact us at sales@chemnovatic.com.

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