Due to Independence Day and Bank Holiday in Poland, our office and production plant will be closed on November 10th. In the meantime, feel free to explore our offer here .
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VAPY 2 GO: PODs & Cartridges

VAPY 2 GO is an innovation in which we have combined the best features of disposables and PODs.

European Standards – Global Quality

Thanks to VAPY 2 GO, your customers can finally focus on the most important thing – vaping – rather than constant refilling.

Our PODs are efficient and do not require frequent recharging. The prefilled cartridges contain high-quality nicotine salt-based e-liquid with a strength of 20 mg/ml, which can simply be replaced with a new one after use.

We are the first and only in Europe to manufacture this type of product

We have 100% control over every stage of production, and the location of our facility in the center of Europe is a guarantee of quality and freshness, performance and convenience.

VAPY 2 GO is the ideal response to ever-changing laws and regulations, more bans, and an expression of care and responsibility for the environment.

Find out that we’ve created a product that classic and experimental vapers alike will adore from the first use.