Published On: 2019-04-23
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Most DIY e-liquid mixers use diluted freebase nicotine for their e-liquids. Is it possible to mix your e-liquids using nicotine salts? Wondering how to make nicotine salt e-liquids at home? It is easy!

What form of nic salts should you choose?

We manufacture both raw, crystalized and powdered nic salts and NicSalt Bases in various ratios and nicotine levels. If you do not have proper protective clothing and equipment we would advise against using raw powdered nicotine – inhaling nic salt crystals or powder may be dangerous.


Using a ready nicotine salt base is not only much easier and safer but also way more convenient. You may choose PG/VG ratio of your choice and any nicotine strength. Even higher nicotine strength bases are easier and safer to dilute than nicotine crystals.

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What are the main differences between preparing e-liquids with freebase nicotine and nicotine salt?


Freebase nicotine juices work well on higher-powered e-cigarettes whereas nic salt e-liquids can be vaped on any type of device.

They are perfect for vape pod systems since they do not require lots of power to provide a satisfactory vaping experience, but at the same time can be vaped on more complex devices. Using higher power settings on your e-cigarette means you may lower the nicotine levels in your e-liquid and still get the nicotine hit you require.

Secondly – there is more than one nicotine salt type (made with e.g. salicylic, malic or benzoic acid), which means you can choose the one that suit you most – different throat hit or an aftertaste may be something you prefer in one nic salt over the other. Some nicotine salts dilute in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin easier than others, which may be a thing to consider as well.

Constant experimenting – this is what vaping is about.

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How To Make A Nicotine Salt E-Liquids? 2 Easy Ways

There are two easy ways of making a nicotine salt juice. Both are completely safe. Additionally, you can read our guide about becoming a brand owner and creating DIY e-liquids.

1. Add NicSalt Shot to a shortfill e-liquid

This is nothing new to most vapers. Buy a shortfill e-liquid and add a nicotine salt shot instead of a freebase nicotine shot. This works best for subohm tanks and high power devices due to higher VG content.


2. Add a few drops of e-liquid flavouring to a bottle of NicSalt Shot


Ideal for pods. Take your favourite e-liquid flavouring and add a few drops (1 or 2 should be enough) to the nicotine salt shot. You will receive a ready nicotine salt e-liquid that will work perfectly on pod devices due to lower VG content.

You can, of course, choose the old school route and create a nicotine salt juice from scratch, like in the old days – that is if you can get a salt based nicotine base in big bottles.

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Nicotine Salt E-Liquids Benefits


Why would you choose nic salt vape juices over freebase ones? There are a few important benefits.

Bigger nicotine doses

The biggest advantage would be the amount of nicotine delivered to your body per single puff. Nicotine salt juices provide you with higher doses of nicotine thus helping you satisfy nicotine hunger.

More money in your pocket

Another benefit related to the first one is the financial aspect. If you can deliver more nicotine per puff, that means you can vape less and still get the same effect while spending less money on your e-liquids.

More choice options

For natural products’ fans, we have another thing to consider – natural nicotine salts. Nicotine malate is a 100% natural nicotine salt, that when diluted in VG, PDO or VPDO becomes a completely natural nicotine salt base – add natural flavorings and you have a 100% natural nicotine salt e-liquid.

Most nic salt e-juices are also smoother than freebase e-liquids. Not a fan of throat hit? Vape nic salts!

Keep in mind, that we can manufacture e-liquids for you. If you are interested, read more about our OEM services and contact us at

However, e-liquids are not the only products we can help you with. Nicotine pouches are getting more, and more, popular on the market, so make sure, you will read these pieces:


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