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Published On: 2020-01-16

The last research news on the sucralose rippled through the vaping community causing a lot of questions regarding the safety of using that sweetener in e-liquids. Whether it’s true or not, the fact is that sucralose has become a hot topic in the industry and among the users of e-cigarettes. 

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What is the issue with vaping sucralose?

Sucralose is an additive that adds sweetness to e-liquids. What sets it apart from other sweeteners is that it is much sweeter. Even a small amount will make your e-liquid very sweet, thus a lot of e-liquid manufacturers use it in their vape juices. Many vapers may be used to high amounts of sweetener due to companies using excessive amounts of sucralose to cover the imperfections in the flavour of an e-liquid.

Controversies around using sucralose aren’t something new

It all started with the ability of sucralose to run carcinogen when overheated.

First of all most of the substances have the ability to run a carcinogen when overheated, eg. a steak left on a pan for too long. The problem with sucralose is that it doesn’t vaporize, but either caramelize (at 160°C degrees) or burn (above 160°C degrees).

Caramelized sucralose builds up on coils shortening their life span (which may mean changing them or wicks more frequently). It also worsens the quality of e-liquid, but it isn’t carcinogenic itself. Burned sucralose is where there is an issue – it releases carcinogens at exceptionally high degrees.

Recently, news on sucralose research hit the vaping community – research claiming that sucralose even in mild temperatures of around 120°C degrades into chloropropanols and other related chlorinated compounds that are potentially harmful.

The fact is that sucralose has become a hot topic in the industry and among the users of e-cigarettes. The whole situation is worth rethinking the way we manufacture e-liquids and – if possible – propose the new alternatives for vapers.

But does it mean that we need to resign from those deliciously sweet e-liquids anymore? Well, not necessarily!

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Please welcome Chemnovatic’s Sweetener Blend SB-800!

At Chemnovatic we know that our task as a manufacturer of ingredients for e-liquids production is also helping e-liquids producers in meeting the costumers’ expectations.

Sweetener Blend SB-800 is the result of hard work of Chemnovatic’s R&D department which tested dozens of different solutions to find the one with the effect as close to sucralose as possible.

sweetener blend sb-800 bottle

Why should you consider using Sweetener Blend?

  • It strengthen the sweetness of the flavours in your e-liquid.
  • It fits in the current consumer needs for sucralose alternative.
  • It is not carcinogenic.
  • It is TPD compliant.
  • It doesn’t caramelize or burn.
  • It doesn’t overtake e-liquids’ flavours.
  • It doesn’t build up on coil so you don’t need to change it so frequently.
  • It is manufactured with the use of only certified ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical quality from reliable European suppliers.
  • The same as all our products it undergoes strict quality procedures which are confirmed by ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and GHP/GMP standards.
  • We provide our customers with full traceability of products and additionally every batch of products that leave our facility is laboratory tested on site.

Interested? Simply go to our product page and place an order. Additionally, keep in mind, that vaping may be a great help in quitting smoking, and sucralose may help in enriching the vaping experience.

There are even non-nicotine e-liquids on the market, but they must be previously TPD-notified. If you want, read more about this topic on the example of the German vape market.

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Are you considering resigning from sucralose… and any other sweeteners?

In this case, we recommend you Chemnovatic’s flavours – all of them are the highest quality and most of them are sucralose-free. They will bring strong, authentic taste and mouth-watering smell to any e-liquid, without any sweeteners.

Chemnovatic Sweetener Blend SB 800

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We have been in the vape and e-liquid sector since 2013. Dozens of customers have trusted us and we have launched over 200 products and brands. Use our resources and experience and together we will earn your success.

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