Published On: 2023-07-05

Vaping regulations in Australia. What do you need to know?

Australia is the country with the most strict rules when it comes to the vaping and e-liquid industry. Do you know in this country prescription is required for nicotine products? Check the latest vaping regulations in Australia!

Challenges for vapers do not end with prescription.  The possession of nicotine in all states is prohibited and punishable by fines of several to tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, the law also states possible imprisonment for up to two years (depending on the state).

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The impact of the vaping ban on the australian e-liquid sector and global trends

Looking at this particular vaping market environment poses some questions and observations regarding the entire Australian e-liquid sector and how it may affect the global trends for the vape industry.

Regulations on nicotine vape products in Australia

Starting with the facts, one must know that the use of nicotine for therapeutic purposes in Australia (in nicotine replacement therapy) is allowed. However, since October 1st, 2021, in order to possess, buy, or import nicotine vape products one must have a doctor’s prescription, which can be filled at in-store or online pharmacies. Selling nicotine vaping devices through retailers (vape stores, grocery stores, etc.) is illegal, even if the consumer has a prescription.

Nicotine products with therapeutic purposes must be approved by the TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration. This validation process is costly, time-consuming, and impractical for most manufacturers, and as of now, there are no TGA-approved nicotine vaping products on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).

It is illegal to sell, purchase, or import nicotine e-cigarettes from foreign websites without a valid prescription issued by a health care professional. With a legitimate medical prescription, one can buy nicotine or nicotine vaping products according to the information on the prescription. The foreign seller should include a copy of the prescription in the shipment of the order to make it pass border inspections.

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Challenges and black market concerns in Australia

As many could expect, the existing approach has failed to provide smokers with the simplest option to stop using cigarettes through the use of vapes. On the contrary, it has led to a thriving black market in Australia, where any individual may buy unlabeled and unregulated items, even youngsters.

This concerns many people in Australia who demand a law change to acquire nicotine vaping products in a legal and easier way. They advocate that this approach would reduce traditional cigarette use and prevent the most vulnerable groups, like young Australians, from using unauthorized means to access nicotine products.

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Future regulations and business challenges in the Australian vaping market

It is important to pay attention to these voices because nicotine-free vape products are legal for now, but the situation might change soon. Recently, the government introduced a plan to ban the importation of nonprescription vaping products – including those that do not contain nicotine. Not only that, but the Australian government’s plans also extend to banning the sale of disposable cigarettes.

With such a restricted vaping market businesses face great challenges to enter the Australian industry. Additionally, with upcoming restrictions, it may be nearly impossible to find a solution for those who struggle with nicotine addiction and have almost no alternatives except medication and other means of nicotine replacement therapy.

The influence on global policies and consumer demand in e-liquid industry

As we see, the Australian government’s unique restrictions on nicotine products and the flourishing black market highlight the need for a balanced approach that promotes accessibility while ensuring safety.

Observing the outcome of these regulations may influence how other countries shape their policies regarding the vaping industry, considering the delicate balance between regulation, harm reduction, and consumer demand.


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