Published On: 2018-07-19

We are happy to announce that our pure nicotine (PureNic 99+) is now fully REACH registered! What does it mean for our clients and e-liquid manufacturers?

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What Is REACH regulation and why is important for PureNic 99+?

REACH requires all companies manufacturing or importing chemical substances into the European Union in quantities of one tonne or more per year to register these substances with European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki. Sales of substances, which have not been pre-registered or registered, to the European market, is illegal.

REACH also promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances in order to reduce the number of tests on animals.

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How does the REACH registration process work? What requirements did we have to meet with PureNic 99+?

To register, a manufacturer must collect and submit all data on the hazardous properties of substances manufactured or imported in quantities above 1 tonne per year.

Submitted data is then evaluated by appropriate authorities. Substances of high concern such as carcinogens or mutagens will have to be authorised by ECHA, which ensures that risks from the use of such substances are either adequately controlled or justified.

a bottle of purenic 99+ pure nicotine liquid, and a checkmark with text reach registered

Each substance that passes evaluation and authorisation is considered fully registered with REACH and is given a REACH Registration Number. PureNic 99+‘s REACH Registration Number is displayed on Safety Data Sheet.

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