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Natural NicBase

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Natural NicBase is a high-quality natural nicotine base dedicated to e-liquid manufacturing.

  • Produced of PureNic 99+ (USP/EP) and PDO/VG
  • Nicotine mixed with 100% natural, agricultural ingredients with a nicotine content of 0-100 mg/ml
  • Highest and repeatable quality of every batch (nicotine distilled in Poland; 4-Steps Quality Verification)

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Natural NicBase – Product Overview

Natural Nicotine Base is manufactured of PureNic99+, PDO, and VG. PDO is a 100 % natural replacement for PG – it is also completely allergen-free. An ideal alternative to petroleum-based nicotine bases with PG, especially for those allergic to petroleum products.


  • The nicotine used in the production of natural nicotine base is distilled in our facility in Poland. Thanks to that we have full control over the most important production stage.
  • Natural Nicotine Base is made of top-quality ingredients which are all-natural and environmentally friendly. It is especially dedicated to people allergic or sensitive to petroleum-based substances. Cause no allergy.
  • Quick, safe, and cost-effective deliveries due to our location in the center of Europe and high production capacity.
  • Repeatable quality – each batch undergoes a strict 4-Steps Quality Verification.
  • Available in any ratio and any nicotine strength.
  • Mixed and packaged in Chemnovatic ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certified facility in Poland.

Natural Nicotine Base – PDO/VG ratios

Depending on the ratio of PDO and VG, e-liquids can provide a little different sensation to users. At Chemnovatic we can provide NicBase at any ratio you wish. Nevertheless, the most common PDO/VG ratios are:

  • 100% PDO nicotine base
  • 50% PDO and 50% VG mix.

If you would like to learn more on how to choose the right ratio for your e-liquid just click here, or contact us at sales@chemnovatic.com and we will advise you on the PG/VG ratio best tailored to your needs.

Natural Nicotine Base Specification

Appearance Colourless to pale yellow.
Nicotine content 3 – 200 mg/ml
Higher content on request.
against oxidation
Manufactured and closed in a nitrogen environment.
Shelf life 2 years if unopened.
storage conditions
Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly
closed original packaging / for nicotine equivalent strength:
3-18 mg/ml store from 10°C to 25°C;
19-200 mg/ml store from 0°C to 10°C.
Learn more about packaging, transport, and storing here.


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