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Raw Materials In E-Liquids Manufacturing

E-liquids, or as some may call them – e-juices – are the liquids used in electronic cigarettes to vape. They are heated and converted to vapor which is later inhaled by the consumer. Although there are plenty of vape products on shop shelves, one has to manufacture them first. To do that, one needs compounds which are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, pure nicotine, e-liquid additives, and flavor concentrates. Learn more about top-quality raw materials in e-liquids manufacturing.

NOTE: this article is part of our Begginer’s Guide to vaping, where – in one place – we have gathered for you all the relevant facts and background information you need to learn about the e-liquid industry and succeed in it as a manufacturer or […]

E-Liquid: What It Is? History, Business Opportunities, And More!

E-liquid industry is growing as well as vaping’s popularity. What does this phenomenon consist of? Let’s take a closer look at e-liquids. What an e-liquid is? What substances they do contain? Why are nicotine vapors so much better for your health than regular cigarette smoke? It is only a few questions we answer in this article. 

E-Liquid: a bit of history

Electronic cigarette was born in the 1960’s thanks to Herbert A. Gilbert. He patented a device that actually was a smokeless, tobacco-less cigarette. It worked by heating a nicotine solution and producing nicotine vapors that could be then inhaled to ingest nicotine. The invention did not catch on until 40 years later. Chinese chemist, Hon Lik proposed using an ultrasound-emitting element to heat and vaporize a liquid containing nicotine. He was also the one to start using

Mix Your First E-Liquid Using DIY Bases

Mixing your own e-liquids not only saves you money, but it’s also a fantastic vaping adventure. You can feel like a real chemist choosing the right ingredients, proportions or flavours. Do you want to start your adventure with mixing e-liquids based on DIY bases? We will guide you through all the steps step by step. See also:
In the last episode of our “DIY e-liquids” articles we went over the basics of DIY e-liquids: equipment, safety […]

How Nic Shots Enhance Shortfill E-Liquids?

E-liquids have revolutionized the way we enjoy nicotine, offering a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths. Among the innovations in the vaping industry, shortfill e-liquids have gained popularity as a versatile and customizable option. Shortfills are nicotine-free e-liquids with extra space in the bottle for adding nicotine shots or nic shots. In this article, we’ll explore how nic shots work, why they’ve become a favorite among vapers, and how they enable you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. Learn more:

E-Liquid Manufacturer Standards: Practical Tips For Producers And Brand Owners

High quality manufacturing standards will help skyrocket your e-liquid brand. Customers expect top-of-the-range products. These are the only ones they are willing to buy, are loyal to and want to explore new ones. We have been in business since 2013 and our partners get products of repeatable quality. Get some tips from wordclass-level e-liquid manufacturer (and more!).

Learn more:

The Differences Between Glycol And Glycerine: When To Use Which?

Glycol and glycerine are two of the most commonly used ingredients in various industries formulations. Starting from the brake and cooling fluids as well as windscreen de-icers, ending with additives for animal feed and the cosmetics industry. In this article you will learn more about their similarities and differences. We explain when one should be used over the other taking into account a given application and industry. […]


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