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Published On: 2019-10-21
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The highest quality of our products and our customers’ SAFETY are Chemnovatic’s priority from the first days of our activity. Due to recent misinformation in the media concerning instances of so called “vaping-related” lung disease in US and vaping industry in general, Chemnovatic would like to express its position on this subject. As a responsible manufacturer, we would like to stress out that all Chemnovatic products are subject to a number of regulations ensuring safe use.

There are few reasons indicating that Chemnovatic is top-quality manufacturer:

  1. As an European manufacturer, we are subject to TPD regulations on nicotine products. European regulations are much more strict than USA regulations concerning vaping industry. E-cigarettes are among the most precisely supervised consumer products in the European Union.
  • We are obliged to register e-cigarette products six months before entering the market in the European Union, and there is no such obligation in US,
  • EU requires publication of a list of e-liquid ingredients, emission, and toxicological tests – US does not.
  • In EU there is a strict ban on the addition of vitamins or stimulants to e-liquids, ban on CRM substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) – there is no such regulation in USA,
  • EU implemented strict regulations on the safety of e-liquid packaging (child-resistance, warnings, maximum capacity) – there are no such standards in US.
  1. Raw materials and finished products manufactured in Chemnovatic do not contain hazardous substances that are suspected to be the cause of the USA situation: THC, MCT oil, vitamins. Moreover, raw materials used in our production are fully REACH compliant, which means every single substance, where applicable, is registered in EU and used only from verified source.
  2. Each batch of a given product coming out of our plant is laboratory tested on site. For our production we use only certified ingredients from reliable suppliers. Moreover, we have implemented HACCP procedures and we have GMP/GHP certificated facility. In order to ensure the highest possible quality, Chemnovatic has introduced the ISO 9001:2015 standards for which we have received accreditation.

Hundreds of studies have been conducted around the world to confirm that e-cigarettes are less harmful alternative to smoking.

According to a report by Public Health England[1], based on many independent scientific studies, electronic cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. We encourage you to use reliable data on electronic cigarettes and e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, such as the reports of Public Health England, Royal College of Physicians and NASEM.

We encourage you to make sure that your products are safe. With us you can:

  • Make laboratory and toxicology tests required by TPD
  • Register your products compliantly with TPD requirements in all European countries
  • Consult following law requirements: TPD, REACH, and CLP
  • Prepare for an SDS audit
  • Develop your own brand of highest quality e-liquids manufactured in our facility
  • Purchase highest quality raw materials for e-liquid production

Contact us: sales@chemnovatic.com

[1] Report published in 2018 and updated annually


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