Published On: 2017-08-24

We have recently launched three new brands of premixed, intensive, nicotine-free e-liquids that are going to be sold across Europe, two of them will also be available in our own chain of Wapiarnia vape shops and vape cafes. We have also introduced a brand of great-value nicotine shots.

First of the e-liquid brands – V.A.P ROOM consists of tobacco and alcohol flavors. Party lovers will definately enjoy a good pinacolada, coffee and whiskey or beer with raspberry juice, as for tobacco flavors, vapers can choose from cherry tobacco, mango tobacco, and chocolate tobacco. V.A.P ROOM premixes come in two volumes – 20ml of e-liquid in a 30ml glass bottle with pipette and 80ml of e-liquid in a 100ml PET bottle with a twist off cap.

2 vap room bottles
a muffin in the background and 2 e-liquid bottles

Another is American Sweets. It is a brand of nicotine free e-liquids based on fruity and dessert flavors. Revel in rich chocolate, caramel, fresh fruits, and cream.

American Sweets come in two volumes – 20ml in a 30ml glass bottle with a pipette and 80ml in a 100ml PET bottle with a twist-off cap.

Mistup is the last e-liquid brand we just launched. It relies on the flavors of summer – ice creams, mints and fruity desserts are a great recipe for relaxation in the summer heat. Available in PET twist off bottles in two volumes – 50 ml in a 60 ml bottle and 80 ml in 100 ml bottle.

2 mistup bottles

Finally, we got Nikotynka – amazing value, great quality nicotine shots. Nikotynka is a brand of 10 ml nicotine shots available in 18 mg/ml nicotine strength. Economical packaging means you can get the same, highest quality product in an amazing price. This brand is available only on the Polish market, if you are a distributor or a wholesaler from a different country, please enquire by email.

To become a distributor please contact our sales representative on

Also, if you want to become a brand owner, check our guide on this topic, or read more about some of our products, i. e., PureNic 99+ pure nicotine liquid, or Non nicotine E-liquid Base.

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