Published On: 2015-09-25
All countries of EU are working under implementation of Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The company CHEMNOVATIC is very active in the discussions and consultations about TPD. We propose our remarks to the Polish Act and we participate in the public discussions about TPD. On 15th September 2015, we had a possibility to participate in the meeting organised by the Ministry of Health in Poland. We discussed about the draft of Polish Act and its proposed remarks. We presented to the authorities several technical and organizational issues which are crucial for the business entities which launch e-liquids into the market. There are strong indications, that the authorities have been convinced to withdraw from the ban of transboundary distance sales. What is more, it is expected, that the bans of using e-cigs in the public places like pubs, entertainment centres etc. will be less restrictive. The next goal is to remove a ban of using e-cigs at work places as well. The next round of consultation will be soon. That is why, we promise to represent worthily our vaping branch during the meetings under unfavourable circumstances of companies of ‘Big Tobacco’ and the representatives of National Health Service. In Poland we are still fighting and we keep our fingers crossed for the companies in other countries. We take our hat off to Public Health England and other UK public health organisations which were not afraid to explicitly state a couple days ago their favourable position towards e-cigs (E-cigarettes: an emerging public health consensus). We hope that the similar situation will take place in Poland.  

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