Published On: 2019-10-08

Recently, vaping industry and e-cigarette users have witnessed an eager discussion caused by sad instances of mysterious “vaping-related” lung diseases, and even deaths. What exactly happened? What consequences will the industry face? What can you do, if you are working in the vaping industry?

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Dangerous e-liquids of unknown origin

Everyone’s attention was put to United States, where there were cases of over 500 people who suffered from lung injury. Unfortunately, there were also 7 confirmed deaths associated with e-cigarette product use. According to CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) “All reported cases have a history of e-cigarette product use or Vaping”. Many scientists claim that the whole problem arose when users began to vape e-liquids from unknown sources and even e-liquids with psychoactive substances. What is important in this case, e-liquids tested by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) contained THC and other dangerous substances: “Many of the samples tested by states or by the FDA as part of this ongoing investigation have been identified as vaping products containing THC, and further, most of those samples with THC tested also contained significant amounts of vitamin E acetate” Both substances (THC and vitamin E acetate) are not allowed in e-liquids according to TPD (European) legislation. Moreover, vitamin E acetate is said to have harmful effects on the alveoli and damage to the mechanism of self-cleaning of the respiratory tract from microorganisms and impurities.

Situation of European e-liquid manufacturers

Luckily for European Union member states TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) is much more strict than the US law when it comes to e-liquids and e-cigarettes. TPD requires that every e-juice undergoes a number of toxicology and laboratory tests – all that to make sure that products we use are not contaminated with any harmful or illegal substance. Also NHS (National Health Service) – main health-concerned regulatory body in Great Britain admits that situation in Great Britain is different than in the US. “To date no serious side-effects have been reported in the UK via the Yellow Card Scheme and vaping remains largely confined to those who already smoke or ex-smokers” – said Joanna Feeney, Smokrefree NHS Strategic Manager. It also should be noted that the recent outbreak of lung disease occurred suddenly and in a specific area. This leads to a conclusion that the case is not vaping itself in general. If that were the case, the symptoms would appear earlier in different regions of Earth.

India bans on e-liquids and e-cigarette products

Unfortunately not every government places the same trust in vaping as the British authorities. Last week India banned the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and storage of e-cigarettes. All vaping-related products and devices must be handed over to the police. Any instances of breaking new law will be punished with severe penalties ranging from money fines up to 3 years of jail. This sudden and very strict prohibition seems unreasonable as according to the World Health Organization, India is the world’s second-largest consumer of traditional tobacco products. Tobacco products, meaning cigarettes that are not covered by the new prohibition and cause deaths of almost 900,000 people every year in India.

USA ban on flavoured e-liquids

Also Donald Trump’s administration is working on limiting flavored e-liquids. The policy towards e-cigarettes of the Trump’s administration is dictated by concern for the health of juvenile e-cigarette users. Trump’s administration claims that the juicy and sweet taste of e-liquids (which indeed are stimulants) is too appealing to the youth. The President of the United States admitted that there is a problem with e-cigarette products saying: “We can’t allow people to get sick. And we can’t have our kids be so affected.” Unfortunately, we can assume the prohibitions alone will not cause lowering the risk of adverse effects after smoking e-cigarettes. The foreseeable result of such restrictive actions is to increase the informal sector, uncontrolled production, and sale of e-liquids of unknown origin. Instead of a general limitation of e-liquid flavors to only tobacco flavoured, a better solution would be to increase the awareness of users and authorities controlling the sale and production of e-cigarette products regarding harmful ingredients of e-liquids. Increased selectivity of components allowed in aromas that are intended for e-liquids production would be a good way to improve US vapers safety. As for that moment THC, which is said to be a reason of mysterious “vaping-related” lung diseases, is legal in many US states.

Chemnovatic’s position and comment

Chemnovatic as a global manufacturer of e-liquids components feels obliged to encourage users of e-cigarettes to help protect themselves and buy only legal, laboratory tested of the highest quality. Our company’s policy is known from the very beginning of our activity: e-smoking does not imply health benefits, but it is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes. We recommend smokers switch to e-cigarettes, but we do not recommend starting vaping for someone who doesn’t smoke or vape at all. And if you are already an e-cigarettes user, vape wisely. Use only tested and proven components from reputable manufacturers. Our greatest pride and the field that we want to constantly improve has always been the quality of our products. Considering the needs of our clients and business partners, we are developing a modern laboratory where we examine samples from each batch of raw materials and finished products that come out of our production. Moreover, our Quality Department is able to provide full traceability of all raw materials and finished products from our facility. Chemnovatic gained a worldwide recognition as TPD legal advice expert carrying out hundreds of laboratory tests and TPD registration services for ourselves and for our clients. We are in favor of analyzing study and impact on health of e-liquids. We are happy to accept any research that appear, but the fact that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes is undeniable. Moreover, on the whole world there is no single proven instance of illnesses or death caused by using legally approved e-liquids. On the other hand traditional cigarettes cause billions of deaths every year – this is the real problem that the world needs to face. That is why misleading the public opinion and creating thesis that e-cigarettes are just as harmful as traditional cigarettes makes users confused. This can cause a situation when some smokers do not decide to use less harmful alternatives than traditional cigarettes. It should also be mentioned that there are millions of e-cigarette users who may return to traditional cigarettes being under the influence of incorrectly created public opinion, or drastic and sudden changes in law. Without any doubt the priority is to ensure that children and the youth do not reach for nicotine products. These products should be properly controlled and their quality verified. However, at the same time, we must ensure that millions of adult smokers have less harmful alternative. We cannot allow that development of these alternative solutions is withheld due to tragic cases of illness or even deaths that are most likely caused by the use of illegal e-liquids, which will be hopefully explained in the course of US investigations.

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