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Nicotine Absorption And Nicotine Salts: Does Higher Nicotine Content Lead To Better Nicotine Absorption?

Many manufacturers and vapers ask themselves what the relationship is between nicotine content in salts and nicotine absorption. You ask the question quite often, so we answer! Learn more:

What is the nicotine content in nic salts?

Nicotine salts are derived from nicotine and various acids, and the specific acid used plays a crucial role in determining the properties of each nicotine salt. While nicotine content is a factor, the choice of acid is of primary importance in defining the characteristics of the nicotine salt. It’s […]

Nicotine salt bases are here!

Nic salts are a relatively new product that is quickly becoming a hit with the vaper community. Now, they are joined by nicotine salt bases! Instead of using traditional liquid nicotine solutions (known as freebase nicotine) many e-juice manufacturers prefer to buy nicotine salt bases because of the smoother, more appealing sensation they provide. The vaper experiences their nicotine fix much faster and more similar to a traditional cigarette hit, than through vaping conventional e-liquids. It’s the ability to vape more nicotine per puff that makes nic salts so very appealing. Chemnovatic offers highest quality nicotine salt bases (also known as unflavored nicsalt eliquids) to e-liquid manufacturers at great prices and in a range of concentrations. Usually, beginner vapers complain that vaping does not provide the same nicotine hit as a traditional […]


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