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Published On: 2020-04-24

Manufacturing is continued

Due to current epidemiological situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 around the world, we would like to inform you that manufacturing at our facility and logistic operations are continued. Health and safety of our employees, as well as our clients, has always been our priority.

World map with orange spots liked with orange lines and a text: covid-19 | continuity of production and operations at chemnovatic are maintained.

We follow the recommendations of Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and WHO and we have also implemented additional preventive measures to even increase the level of safety.

How we prevent COVID-19:

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Employees whose physical presence is not necessary on the spot were directed to work from home and thus 90% of office employees work remotely. People working remotely have secure access to network resources and operating systems of the company.

Production and warehouse employees are divided into three independent teams that work in weekly shifts, having no contact between them.

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Every employee before entering Chemnovatic buildings is required to disinfect hands with hands sanitizing liquid that is located at the door. We have implemented distributors with disinfecting liquid so all people entering the facility can use them before coming in. Additionally, before entering the buildings and 30 minutes after it, employees’ body temperature is measured.

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Employees are advised to wash their hands as often as possible – especially before eating, after leaving the sanitary facilities, before touching the face.

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We react immediately to the first symptoms of the disease such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, malaise. It is forbidden to admit people who have any disease symptoms to work.

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All employees and other persons on the premises of Chemnovatic are required to keep a minimum distance of two meters from other people. Moreover, only one person may be in one room at a time (does not apply to production and storage rooms).

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During an increased risk of illness, no physical contact is allowed on the premises. Employees are advised not to shake hands or physically contact in other way. We move and work only in disposable glovesEmployees are required to wear face masks during work.

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During the weekends the rooms are disinfected before the next team comes to work. Moreover, everyone who stays in the office is obliged to disinfect the workplace including the computer.

Thanks to these measures, the likelihood of the virus spreading throughout the company crew is significantly reduced. At the same time, our production capacity might be slightly reduced but enables the continuity of production and operations of Chemnovatic. We are prepared for various scenarios of the development of the situation and we make every effort to ensure the continuity of production while maintaining all security measures.

If you have additional questions and would like to contact our sales team, simply answer to this email or write to sales@chemnovatic.com.

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