Published On: 12 October 2016
12We have received a very unsettling e-mail from one of our customers who has apparently bought PureNic 99+ nicotine from a man posing as a distributor of Chemnovatic products in Russia. Not only was the product they received of very low quality, but it didn’t contain any nicotine. Obviously it was not a genuine Chemnovatic PureNic 99+ nicotine, but a counterfeit product. Here’s the original e-mail from the customer: “I am sending you the photoes of the invoice and the nicotine  we purchased. We still have’s a complete waste because we obviously won’t be able to use it as it’s way too bad. We have tested it and it turned out that the level of nicotine is zero in the bottle.” It is not the first time Chemnovatic products are being counterfeited. We’ve received information from our partners all around the world about similar instances, some of them in the EU. We’ve also dealt with counterfeit Molinberry flavors and NicBase nicotine bases, but this is the first time someone is trying to sell counterfeit PureNic 99+ nicotine. We do our best to stop all counterfeit attempts and take legal action against people whenever possible, but we still urge our customers to exercise caution when acquiring Chemnovatic products from sources different than Always ask your supplier for all the necessary certificates and confirmations of product authenticity. Below you will find some pictures of the original packaging. Please take notice of the details that may help you identify the original Chemnovatic nicotine.
Original bottle of PureNic 99+ pure nicotine from Chemnovatic.

Original bottle of PureNic 99+ pure nicotine from Chemnovatic.

Chemnovatic security seal introduced in September 2016.

Chemnovatic security seal introduced in September 2016.

Original PureNic 99+ pure nicotine liquid label.

Original PureNic 99+ label contains all required information, QR code for the Safety Data Sheet and warning symbols. The batch number and best before date are printed on the bottle as of September 2016.

Complete original packaging for PureNic 99+ nicotine including the styrofoam casing.

Styrofoam packaging for 1 liter bottle. We always use the same style of packaging for all our PureNic 99+ shipments. We never use stretch film or different style of the styrofoam sleeve.

A cutout of complete packaging for 1 liter of PureNic 99+ pure nicotine showing the contents

A cutout of complete packaging for 1 liter of PureNic 99+ pure nicotine. Note the Chemnovatic tape securing the contrainer as opposed to the sticker we used before.

Collective packaging for 6 liters of pure nicotine liquid

Collective packaging. Note the absorbant mat and extra padding for safety reasons. All Chemnovatic PureNic 99+ nicotine shipments contain Certificate of Analysis inside and Safety Data Sheet on the outside.

Collective UN box for pure nicotine liquid

The outside of the collective box is covered with warning labels and UN markings.

Unfortunately dishonest sellers are doing their best to imitate the original packaging as you can see in the attached pictures below.



Counterfeit PureNic 99+ pure nicotine liquid.

Counterfeit product. This is how a customer received his nicotine, bought from “a distributor of Chemnovatic products in Russia”. Please take note of the messy label and the stretch film we never use.

Counterfeit PureNic 99+ label.

Counterfeit label. Please note different font, lack of “scan for MSDS” under the QR code, out of date phone number. We are not printing batch numbers and best before dates on the label anymore (since September 2016).

Counterfeit pure nicotine label

Counterfeit label. Out of date Chemnovatic logo, font in “PureNic” is different from the original.

  The above nicotine bottle was purchased from “a distributor of Chemnovatic products in Russia” which we don’t have. Every time you have any doubts in regards to the product you are buying from third party distributors, you can contact us directly at On the occasion we ask all dishonest suppliers to stop counterfeiting our products and exploiting flawless reputation that Chemnovatic products have acquired over the years. All such attempts will be detected and pursued in court. Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz Zapisz

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