Published On: 2020-07-14
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The world situation in connection with the development of the  SARS-CoV-2 pandemic surprised us all. Regardless of the country, social status or position held, we all have been forced to reorganize our private life and work style. In these difficult times, Chemnovatic feels obliged to help our employees, our employees’ families, as well as people who are at the front of this unequal struggle, i.e. health care workers.

Preventive measures

Chemnovatic closely and regularly monitors the situation regarding the Covid-19 virus and follows the guidelines of the relevant authorities, including both the World Health Organization and Government institutions in each of our markets. At Chemnovatic, we take the necessary preventive measures to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment. You can read more about preventive measures at our manufacturing plant and office, here:

COVID-19 screening test for Chemnovatic employees

In addition to preventive actions on the premises of our company, Chemnovatic also feels in the obligation to take care of the welfare and health of our employees and their families. For this reason, we decided to buy COVID-19 Screening Tests. In these quite hard times, we wanted to lift spirits a little and give some positive energy by the actions that are carried out by our company to help in the fight against COVID-19. Screening tests for coronavirus bought by Chemnovatic are strip, serological tests. What was the purpose to buy it?

  1. 100 tests were transferred to the Children Department of the Provincial Specialist Hospital of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński in Lublin
  2. A several dozens of tests were intended for the use for our company employees. This is in case someone from our staff has any symptoms, or would have to go on a quarantine. However, we really hope that these tests will expire and we will throw them away for recycling.

Handing over of protective suits

Our company provided all protective suits we had in supply for the Provincial Ambulance Service – Bronowice substation, located at ul. Kazimierz Tetmajer-Przerwa 21 in Lublin. We gave 42 pieces of protective suits, that’s all we had in stock, and nowadays the purchase of even a few extra pieces is almost a miracle. In fact, even 2-3 additional pieces of protective clothing are a lot for people operating on the front lines of the fight against the virus.

Donating 20,000 nitrile gloves

On 16.04.2020, our company donated 200 boxes of nitrile gloves for the Provincial Ambulance Service – Bronowice substation, located at ul. Kazimierz Tetmajer-Przerwa 21 in Lublin. It was extremely difficult to find a company that agreed to sell us gloves with an indication of help for the Ambulance Service, but we did it. We hope that we have slightly reduced the possibility of infection by people who help each of us everyday.

1000 tests for COVID-19 submitted to the hospital

Chemnovatic as a member of the Vaping Association Polska (VAP) took part in the transfer of 1,000 tests for COVID-19 submitted to the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Kielce. VAP is an association of independent Polish entrepreneurs in the electronic cigarette liquids industry – both producers, distributors and retailers.  Moreover, the companies associated with VAP – producers of liquids for e-cigarettes, provide disinfectants to several hospitals, among others to the Academic Hospital in Krakow, the Specialist Hospital S. Żeromski and the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Kielce. We encourage all producers of e-cigarettes to use their facilities to participate in the production of bottles and canisters with disinfectants and to transfer protective equipment to medical facilities fighting the epidemic. Chemnovatic will follow the development of the situation and respond adequately to changing circumstances.

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