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1908, 2019

New Molinberry flavours are here. Try some of the best e-liquid flavourings on the market!

19 August 2019|

concentrated e-liquid flavouringsWe know you LOVE Molinberry ceoncentrated flavourings, so we have added 17 new flavours to our B2B offer!

List of new Molinberry concentrated e-liquid flavourings:

Spearmint – Cooling, sweet mint Rainbow Sherbet – Orange, raspberry, lime & more! Legendary Custard – Double thick custard White Chocolate – Sweet white chocolate Rubin Lemonade – Berry lemonade Strawberry Brownie – Brownies with strawberries S’mores Marshmallow Brownie – Brownies with toasted marshmallows Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk – Chocolate milk with peanut butter Cactus cupcake – Sweet cupcake with fresh cactus fruit Pineapple Lassi – Milk yoghurt with fresh pineapple chunks Strawberry Chocolate Muffin – Chocolate muffin with strawberries Dr. Beat – Cola and Rocket pop Ugly Delicious – Strawberry, watermelon and bubble gum Red Dragon Grape – Red grapes and dragon wings Stranger Things – Multifruit gum Blue Rock Candy – Blue ice candy Fantasy grape – Refreshing grape drink Sounds good? Some flavours are flying off the shelves as we speak, so stock up before they are gone! You can order them here: https://b2b.chemnovatic.com/category/concentrated-flavourings-new-molinberry-flavors
2103, 2019

Natural vaping products – nicotine bases, nicotine salts, flavourings.

21 March 2019|

Chemnovatic is a recognized manufacturer and supplier of highest quality pure nicotine, nicotine salts, bases, flavourings and other vaping products. Among many products well known to the vaping community, we also manufacture a range of natural products for vaping.

Take a look at what natural vaping products we currently supply:

1. Bio nicotine bases (PDO and VPDO nicotine bases)

Usually, a nicotine base (or unflavored nicotine liquid as some call it) consists of pure nicotine diluted in a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

When manufacturing our bio bases, we use PDO (Propanediol – Vegetable Propylene Glycol) in place of well known PG. PDO is a natural equivalent of propylene glycol that has been manufactured from vegetable glycerin instead of crude oil. (more…)

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