Published On: 2023-02-20
Dragos Stratulat, the Managing Director of Chemnovatic UK, Victor "Vaping with Vic" Mullin, and Mateusz Gawroński, Chemnovatic Deputy Sales Manager in front of Chemnovatic HQ in Lublin, Poland

2022 was an extraordinary year for Chemnovatic. Not only we’ve moved to the new HQ (click here to see the video), and opened a new Chemnovatic branch, but also hosted an amazing guest! It was Victor Mullin “Vaping with Vic”, one of the most recognizable vaping reviewers, who visited us in October 2022!

Who is Victor Mullin “Vaping with Vic”?

For those who do not follow the YouTube reviews of vaping products and electronic cigarettes, we hasten to explain. Victor Mullin is the UK’s e-cigarette reviewer, who has won multiple awards for his content. Among them, there are Vapouround Readers Award Winner for the years 2019-2021 and EcigClick Reviewer of the Year for 2016-2021.

To put it simply, Victor is the most popular UK’s vaping reviewer. If you want to learn more about Vic, check out his website!

Victor Mullin “Vaping with Vic” in Chemnovatic

Vic appeared in the Chemnovatic HQ, in Lublin, Poland, in the last days of October 2022. He spent 2 days in our company, where he could observe each step of the e-liquid and nicotine manufacturing, and get all the questions answered.

Consequently, the filmed material Vic gathered now came to daylight on his YouTube channel. Chemnovatic appeared in season 3 of Electronic Cigarettes / Vaping 101. Two previous seasons of this series regarded vaping “For Beginners” and “Advanced Vaping“.

Electronic Cigarettes / Vaping 101 Season 3 with Chemnovatic

As mentioned, Chemnovatic appeared in most episodes of season 3 of Electronic Cigarettes / Vaping 101 by “Vaping with Vic”.

If you want to broaden your horizons, given the vape industry, or get to know our staff members, be sure to check them out!

Below, you will find links to the season 3 episodes with a short description of each of them.

Episode 1 – Introduction to the season

Similar to the 1st and 2nd season, the 1st episode is an introduction to the season.

Vic explains here what are the plans and topics for the upcoming episodes of the current season, and the future one.

Episode 2 – The basics of e-liquids

As the heading suggests, in this episode Vic described the basics of e-liquids.

There’s a lot of knowledge and even some Chemnovatic e-liquid concentrate flavourings appear!

Episode 3 – Visiting Chemnovatic pt. 1 – Introduction

Here’s where the Chemnovatic Headquarters’ and staff’s appearance begin.

In this episode, you can see Vic’s interview with:

Episode 4 – Visiting Chemnovatic pt. 2 – Nicotine production plant

The Chemnovatic trip continues! In this episode, Vic mostly interviews Mateusz about Chemnovatic products, including nicotine bases, flavours, and nicotine salts. Mateusz first appears at 2:57 and 16:30 marks.

You can check all of our raw materials for e-liquids production under this link.

Episode 5 – Visiting Chemnovatic pt. 3 – Interviews with e-liquid industry experts

In episode 5 of Electronic Cigarettes / Vaping 101 Season 3 you can see more Chemnovatic experts.

The ones who appear with Vic in this episode are:

We hope you enjoy, or already enjoyed, season 3 of the Electronic Cigarettes / Vaping 101 series by Vaping with Vic. It was a pleasure to host Victor, and we hope we will meet again in the future!

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