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Published On: 2016-03-11

Vape Expo Poland 2016 was the first event of this type in Poland taking place on the grounds of Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn on 4th and 5th March 2016. With over 100 brands from all over the world, including countries as exotic for Polish people as Malaysia or China it was definitely a place to be for manufacturers, wholesalers, consumers and vaping magazines not only from Poland.

Chemnovatic was one of few exhibitors from Poland. There was a lot of brands from the USA, who were looking for cooperation in Europe due to incoming TPD regulations forbidding import of non-registered nicotine products from abroad to the EU. Chemnovatic is going to cooperate with some of them to help them arrange the production and e-liquids notification in UE after May 2016.

a photo of chenovatic stand and people around it during the expo

Day 1:

The main event for Thursday was the conference – prelections took place from 10:00 until 17:00. The main topic was the recently introduced TPD and its many aspects. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend all panels due to a number of people visiting our booth, despite all the odds we have joined a few TPD-related ones.

Most visitors attending the Expo on Thursday were either manufacturers or wholesalers looking for business opportunities. We have met with a lot of current and potential business partners, made some exciting, new connections from Europe, USA and more “exotic” places.

Day 2:

Since the morning groups of people were storming the gates – it was the day for individual customers, distributors and DIYers alike.

Apart from a more crowded and foggier expo hall, Friday has also brought contests – Cloud Contest, Miss Vapor 2016 and the E-liquids Awards. We could hear the excitement all the way from our booth on the other end of the hall.

It is customary to promote your products with gifts, Vape Expo Poland visitors also enjoyed free samples, t-shirts and other vaping paraphernalia. We have given away hundreds of samples – nicotine bases, e-liquids, flavorings, and even custom solutions for packaging. We will gladly read any review and opinion about our products, so please send them our way.

a photo of chenovatic stand and people around it during the expo

To sum it up in a few words: Chemnovatic has received a positive feedback both as a Polish company and a professional manufacturer. We have made lots of business connections and spent hours talking about the market, product standards, new business developments and opportunities.

We were also really glad to hear some well-known vaping community members complement our flavors and e-liquids (our Chemnovatic Strawberry was a big hit with the consumers).

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