Published On: 2022-05-12

In July 2022 our company has made another step towards progression. Our new HQ’s construction has been completed and we have moved. The building is situated in the Lublin Special Economic Zone, has over 5500 m², and is more eco-friendly than the previous one!

Our new HQ is divided into 4 main parts: office, production plant, laboratory, and high bay warehouse. Each of them has the highest standards that contribute to the work comfort and ergonomics. The building is, undoubtedly, a determinant of our constant progress and proof, that the direction we are heading towards is right.

Importantly, our new Chemnovatic HQ in Lublin, masterfully designed by the ADC architectural team, has been honored with the prestigious “Construction of the Year 2022” award by the Polish Institute of Civil Engineers. We are proud that the project has received the recognition it rightfully deserves and we make the most of this space every day.





The space of over 1600 m2 is dedicated to the office. Although we have cared about the comfort of our employees since the very beginning of the company, now we have even enhanced these standards.

Counting from 2013, we have done a mighty progress. However now, in our own, innovative, and cozy HQ, we are able to progress even faster, build an even tighter team spirit, and grow more as individuals. The headquarters will not only serve as a new home to the company, but relocation there is a symbolical start of a new chapter for the whole firm and gratification for those, who contributed to the growth of Chemnovatic.

If you want to learn more about our company, check the “About us” section.

a photo of chemnovatic's new HQ - entrance
patio in chemnovatic's new hq: tables, chairs, plants
chemnovatic's kitchen and a neon in the shape of a word "chill", sofa, armchair
chemnovatic's new office, sofa, pouffes, balcony

Production plant

Our production plant is the biggest area of the building with nearly 2000 m², where our production capabilities will grow to an even bigger extent! The new production plant additionally has 3 lines dedicated to nicotine distillation, and 1 line dedicated to the production of nicotine salts. Moreover, there is a new bottling line with a capacity of 50 bottles per minute. Additionally, one of the new elements is an unloading dock with an adjustable ramp for trucks. We are now able to serve even several dozen tanks a day there!

Let us add, that in the new HQ we also have a high bay warehouse with space of around 1500 m².

production plant
production plant
production plant


Our previous laboratory was equipped with world-class analytical equipment operated by experienced chemists and technicians. That allowed us to provide services, among which there were tests and analyses respected in the whole of Europe. However, the new headquarters gives us even greater possibilities!

Here, we have 13 new devices for laboratory analysis within the space of around 150 m². Among the new equipment, there are analytical balances, chromatographs, spectrophotometers, or a densimeter.

Learn more about our laboratory here.

production plant
production plant


In Chemnovatic we strive to be the best, create top-notch quality products for our customers, and be ready to overcome any obstacles, that appear on the road of entrepreneurship. As you may have heard or read, last year our company has been awarded with SQP (Supplier Qualification Program) and WCA (Workplace Continuous Assessment) certificates, which confirmed the highest quality of our manufacturing processes and workplace conditions. In 2017 we also implemented the ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP systems, and have been maintaining both certifications ever since.

In the near future, we will formalize and control cooperation with individual suppliers of raw materials to an even greater extent. At the same time, the new HQ allows us to develop our purification capacities and put a high emphasis on the control of this core manufacturing process and its quality. They will be taken to an even higher, unseen before, level!

It would be a lie if we said we had not been excited and hadn’t looked forward to moving to the new headquarters. Now, with a clear conscience, we can say, that the relocation happened according to a strictly detailed schedule, that allowed us to move headquarters, with the continuity of production maintained, and minimized downtime in the production plant.

Let us add, that due to the relocation, our address will change, starting from 1 August 2022. To learn the details check the following link.

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