1012, 2015

E- liquid vapors “similar to air” in test results.

10 December 2015|

e- liquid vapors test

Viability of Human Airway cells during aerosol exposure. Copyright British American Tobacco Plc.

According to tests performed by British American Tobacco and tissue engineering firm MatTek Corp., the E-Cigarette vapor is no more dangerous to human airways and respiratory tissue than air. The results were obtained using a combination of laboratory tests and VITROCELL smoking robot with MatTek EpiAirway tissue. Robot was used to inhale cigarette smoke, e- cigarette vapors and air through EpiAirway tissue to test the influence of smoke and vapor on human respiratory tissue. (more…)
312, 2015

3 Annoying E- Cigarette Myths.

3 December 2015|

Since the birth of the first e-cigarette, the industry has been attacked with misleading studies, myths and sometimes even blatant lies. We have gathered 3 of what we think are the most annoying myths concerning the e- cigarette industry and products.

  1. e- liquid mythsE- cigarettes are intended as a gateway into the cigarette world for children.
It started with a U.S. Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Friedman stating that “Many teens who start with e-cigarettes may be condemned to struggling with a lifelong addiction to nicotine and conventional cigarettes.” (more…)
2411, 2015

E- liquids.

24 November 2015|

E- liquidsA bit of history…

Electronic cigarette was born in the 1960’s thanks to Herbert A. Gilbert, who patented a device that actually was a smokeless, tobacco-less cigarette. It worked by heating a nicotine solution and producing nicotine vapors that could be then inhaled to ingest nicotine. The invention did not catch on until 40 years later, when a Chinese chemist Hon Lik proposed using an ultrasound-emitting element to heat and vaporize a liquid containing nicotine. He was also the one to start using Propylene Glycol to dilute the nicotine solution. (more…)
1611, 2015

Nicotine. What it is and how is it classified?

16 November 2015|

In the 16th century, a french doctor Jean Nicot prescribed tobacco as a medication to his patients and it is his name that gave name to Nicotine. In the year 1828 Nicotine has been isolated for the first time, in 1843 its chemical composition was recognised and it was first time synthesized in 1904. Nicotine is a colorless, odorless and oily substance obtained from tobacco leaves via water vapor destillation in alkaline enviroment and Ether Extraction or via Supercritical Extraction. (more…)
2509, 2015

TPD in Poland. Transboundary Distance Sales, Smoking at pubs.

25 September 2015|

All countries of EU are working under implementation of Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The company CHEMNOVATIC is very active in the discussions and consultations about TPD. We propose our remarks to the Polish Act and we participate in the public discussions about TPD. (more…)
1909, 2015

VapeExpo 2015 in Paris

19 September 2015|

Between 20-21 September 2015 we will be visiting VapeExpo which is an international e-cigarette exhibition. We will visit booths of our current customers, for whom we supply pure nicotine 99,9%, nicotine bases (NicBase) and concentrated flavourings Molinberry. We will see what’ up in the world of electronic cigarettes and what our customers and potential customers present.

Are you going to VapeExpo as well?

If yes, it will be a very good opportunity to have a meeting there and talk about potential cooperation. That is why, we invite you for a cup of coffee or tea! Please contact us to arrange the meeting in Paris.  
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