Nicotine Pouches Flavourings

Chemnovatic offers a wide range of flavourings for nicotine pouches manufacturing. Nicotine pouches flavourings add value to the product, improving the taste sensation and making it even more pleasant to use.



What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are tiny cellulose bags soaked with pure nicotine, flavorings and moisturizers, additives and to be placed between a lip and a gum. They are an alternative, smokeless method of delivering the nicotine into an organism directly from the oral cavity without entering the respiratory tract.

Some users choose non-flavoured nicotine pouched but flavoured version of the product gain more and more recognition on the market. For this reason, producers have been adding aromas in the production of nicotine pouches, the most popular flavors are: mint and its varieties, lemon, cherry, apple, but in general the range of flavors is much wider.

We have analyzed and carefully selected flavourings that are the most popular on the nicotine pouches market.

Currently, Chemnovatic offers the following for nicotine pouches manufacturing:

  1. Strawberry Mint – Beloved by everyone. Sweet & juicy strawberry blended with a sharp minty flavour gives you an exciting sensation.
  2. Apple Mint – It’s time for refreshing perfectly balanced Apple mixed with amazingly cooling down mint.
  3. Mint – Fresh Mint cools down the atmosphere within minutes.
  4. Blackcurrant Anise – Ripe blackcurrant combined with anise, strong, an overwhelming, and unusual combination.
  5. Blackcurrant Mint – A perfect blend of berries fruits and refreshing mint. Sweet & sour at the same time. Perfect as additional sweetie to up flavour.
  6. Mango – Juicy mango sweet flavour, crosses between a nectarine, an orange, and a pineapple. Very juicy and twisted flavour.
  7. Mango Mint – Sweet mango combined with fresh mint gives you a nice cooling sensation
  8. Cherry – Celebration of ripe, red & fresh Cherry. The taste of soft skin and pulp reminds the cherry growing in the summer sun.
  9. Grape – Juicy and fresh black grape
  10. Ice Mint – Very Iced Mint. Arctic freshness and powerful breath. The refreshing idea for hot afternoons.

Non-tobacco nicotine pouches

Non-tobacco nicotine pouches contain powdered cellulose. Manufacturers soak cellulose in a mixture of pure nicotine, PG, VG, and pH stabilizers. Our freebase nicotine extract is completely odorless, flavorless, crystal clear, and barely influences the smell and flavor of the final product – which makes it perfect for the production of nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches are not regulated by the TPD legislation in most of the EU countries and do not require registration. However, each country may have its own, different legislation for nicotine pouches.

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Nicotine pouches raw materials

Chemnovatic offers a wide range of raw materials necessary to manufacture high-quality nicotine pouches. All of them come with a set of documents and certificates ensuring adherence to quality, safety, and legality standards. Click here or on the banner below to learn more.


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