Sometimes a concentrated flavouring alone is not enough to get a desired taste of e-liquid. That is why, Chemnovatic offers a series of most common additives for e-liquids which are made of top quality ingredients and help to improve your liquids recipes.

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All our e-liquid additives come with a set of documents and certificates ensuring the adherence to quality, safety and legality standards. Below, you can preview the examples of available documents.




Certificate of Quality
Safety Data Sheet

Wide range of e-liquid additives

Sweetener Blend SB-65

Mixture based on Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Our own blend of sweeteners – leaves a sweet aftertaste on your lips. Suggested doseage 1-4%.

Cooler C-1000

Mixture based on Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Cooler is great for achieving a fresh, cooling sensation. It does not contain menthol.

Sucralose S-1000


PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Sucralose sweets all flavors at the same time and leaves a sweet aftertaste of e-liquid.

Fizzy Add FA-1000

Mixture based on Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Fizzy Add makes you e-liquids feel like a sparkling drink by adding a unique tingling sensation on your tongue.

Erythritol E-50

Diluted (2R,3S)-Butane-1,2,3,4-tetrol (50 mg/ml) in Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Erythritol is a sweetener similar to Sucralose. Burns at higher temperature thus reducing coil soot buildup.

Citric Acid CA-90

Diluted Citric Acid (90 mg/ml) in Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Citric Acid adds sourness to e-liquids, it also lifts juicyness and freshness of fruity flavors.

Koolada K-100

Diluted N-Ethyl-2-isopropyl-5-methylcyclohexanecarboxamide (100 mg/ml) in Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Koolada is a well known e-liquid additive that adds a “cooling” effect similar to the one you get with ice candy. Works really well paired with menthol.

Acetyl Pyrazine AP-50

Diluted Acetyl Pryazine (50 mg/ml) in Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Acetyl Pyrazine is mainly used to enhance stronger in taste flavours like chocolate, graham and tobacco. It gives a bready, nutty, and yeasty taste with notes of corn chips and popcorn. In order to receive the best compositions, the dosing should be started from 0,5% to the liquid till the expected taste will be reached.

Ethyl Maltol EM-100

Diluted Ethyl Maltol (100 mg/ml) in Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Ethyl Maltol is commonly applied to smooth some sharp tastes of liquids by adding unique sweetness. It gives a very nice scent similar to candyfloss or caramel. If you are searching for special mellifluence in your e-liquids this is the best choice to obtain it.

Menthol Liquid ML-670

Diluted Menthol Crystal (670 mg/ml) in Propylene Glycol

PRODUCT CHARACTERISTIC: Menthol Liquid is mainly added to obtain cooling, minty and refreshing aroma. Through its diverse applications, it could be used in every liquids which needs cooling effect and mint taste. The best blends will be with such flavours as drinks, fruits, tobacco and sweets as well.

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