Published On: 2022-12-07
a map of Europe with Chemnovatic offices marked: Poland, Portugal and the UK; a text: We have opened a new Chemnovatic branch!

We are proud to announce, that Chemnovatic opened a new branch in the United Kingdom! This is undeniably another important milestone for Chemnovatic’s global growth! In particular, it will allow us to better meet the growing demands of the UK market.


So what exactly does it mean to our UK-based customers?

  • Nicotine distilled in Poland (no quality loss in the transportation)
  • Nicotine bases made of pharmaceutical quality raw materials (USP/EP), such as nicotine and nicotine salts manufactured in our facility
  • Faster order fulfillment & delivery
  • No currency exchange fees
  • No import fees
  • No custom clearance
  • The best price-to-value offer on the market

Aside from the great benefits resulting from our new branch, there is also the highest quality of our products. Thus, let us briefly introduce you to our offer available in the UK.


Raw materials for the e-liquid industry


In our offer, you can find every raw material necessary for e-liquid manufacturing. Our flagship product is PureNic 99+, the purest nicotine distilled in our facility in Poland and, by many, considered to be the best on the market.

Our nicotine is a premium quality product, manufactured in accordance with USP/EP requirements. Thanks to distillation in Poland, we have full control over the most crucial stage of nicotine production. Additionally, before being placed in the market PureNic 99+ undergoes the 4-Steps Quality Verification that includes: laboratory tests or sensory assessment.

a bottle of PureNic 99+, pure nicotine liquid
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Nicotine Bases

If you prefer nicotine bases to pure nicotine, we’ve got you covered! You can order them directly from our UK warehouse:

Similarly to PureNic 99+, our bases are manufactured in an oxygen-free environment under ISO-certified procedures, in accordance with USP/EP requirements. In each case, you can choose the PG/VG ratio. Additionally, all Chemnovatic nicotine bases are produced of PureNic 99+ and pharmaceutical quality PG/VG (USP/EP).

2 bottles of NicBase - nicotine base - based on vegetable glycerine, and baed on propylene glycol
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Other raw materials

Moreover, aside from pure nicotine and nicotine bases, in our offer you can find:

As you can see, every raw material of the highest quality, required for e-liquid manufacturing, is at hand now! If you are from the United Kingdom and need anything, do not hesitate to contact us at

Our services

Our company not only has raw materials in offer, but also the highest quality services! We provide:


Let us also introduce the Managing Director of Chemnovatic UK – Dragos Stratulat, who has years of experience in the vape and nicotine markets.

In case of any questions, you can contact him directly at:, or call: +44 7923 196 217.

The address of the UK Office & Warehouse is:

Unit 9, Planetary Business Centre, Planetary Road,
WV13 3SW, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom