Empty Packaging & Labels

Wide range of various packaging and customized labels. Volumes from 1ml up to 20,0L. Different bottle materials, shapes and closure types.

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Bottles for ready products (e-liquids):

  • from 10 to 100ml
  • PET with dropper, glass with pipette, or HDPE bottles
  • child-proof and tamper-proof caps

Bottles for bulk quantities:

  • from 100ml to 20,0L
  • HDPE bottles and canisters
  • UN certified
  • safety closures
  • induction sealing or PE sealing

labelsDesign and print of your labels:

  • high quality material (foil)
  • professional printing machine ensures intense colors
  • lasting imprint
  • different sizes
  • help with label design

You can get bottles with your own labels, ready to fill and sell.


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