• Without CMR or GMO

  • Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl free

  • Over 80 different and original flavours

Molinberry is a line of carefully selected flavourings for e-liquids application, which have the authentic and intensive taste and keeping at the same time the highest quality and safety of the final products, which is confirmed by valid certificates.


All our e-liquid flavourings come with a set of documents and certificates ensuring the adherance to quality, safety and legality standards.
Below, you can preview the examples of available documents.

certificate of analysis – Diacetyl
certificate of analysis – Acetylpropionyl
certificate of analysis – Acetoine

safety data sheet
data sheet

Flavors Range

Molinberry is a brand of high quality e-liquid flavour concentrates. Over 80 flavours is available in 10ml bottles to resell and in bulk packaging for manufacturers.

Flavor categories

fruit e-liquid flavorings sweet e-liquid flavorings drink e-liquid flavorings tobacco e-liquid flavorings mint e-liquid flavorings m-line e-liquid flavorings

If you have any idea or the market inspiration for new flavours, it would be a pleasure for us to develop them for you.

More about Molinberry Flavors

Flavours are in conformity with European food flavors regulations 1334/2008 and Do not contain colorants or preservatives, They are Non-Genetically Modified Organism (non GMO).

Please visit molinberry.com or contact us directly for more information.

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  • 10ml
  • 0,1l
  • 1l
  • 5l


10ml for resale in stores (DIY solution)

  • PET transparent bottle
  • thin dropper for easy application
  • child-proof and tamper-proof cap
  • attractive labels

100ml, 1,0L, 5,0L for e-liquid manufacturers

  • HDPE bottles
  • UN certified
  • safety closure
  • induction sealing

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