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The line of Chemnovatic flavours consists of flavorings that are most sought after by the customers complemented by original and unique propositions. The line is dedicated exclusively for e-liquids manufacturing and thus will not be available in retail packaging.

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General info

Chemnovatic flavourings were created and designed specifically with e-liquid manufacturing in mind. Premium quality ingredients and great flavour are the key factors of Chemnovatic e-liquid flavourings. These are top quality products, dedicated to premium e-liquid manufacturing.

Chemnovatic flavourings are manufactured in Europe and there is no minimum order quantity. The suggested dosage is between 0,5 % and 10 % depending on the required flavour intensity.

Manufactured in Europe

No minimum order quantity

Dosage between 0,5% – 10%


All our concentrated e-liquid flavourings come with a set of documents and certificates ensuring the adherance to quality, safety and legality standards.

Below, you can preview the examples of available documents.

Safety Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Chemnovatic e-liquid flavourings

We have used our experience in flavourings development to bring you intensive flavours that are ideal for e-liquid manufacturing.

Our flavourings are carefully selected for e-liquids application, which has the authentic and intensive taste, at the same time keeping the highest quality and safety of the final products, which is confirmed by valid certificates.

Flavors range

Our offer includes more than 100 different flavours which we prepare at Chemnovatic laboratory. Our offer consists of full range of flavours, that could be divided into the following categories: Fruit, Sweet, Drink, Tobacco, Mint.

We have created Chemnovatic flavorings with the use of only the highest quality ingredients available, backed by valid certificates. In other words, Chemnovatic e-liquid flavourings bring strong, authentic taste and mouth-watering smell to any e-liquid. Range of Chemnovatic e-liquid flavour concentrates is constantly expanding.

E-liquid flavours

Looking for best e-liquid flavour concentrates available on the market? We have unique, intensive and market trends meeting flavours. With Chemnovatic eliquid flavour you have a guarantee that your e-liquids will successfully pass the TPD test. Moreover, with us you will meet expectations of the most demanding customers. But the best way to find out about it is to try it :)

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