Chemnovatic Molinberry – Tobacco Flavourings

The line of Chemnovatic Molinberry flavours consists of flavorings that are most sought after by the customers complemented by original and unique propositions. The line is dedicated exclusively for e-liquids manufacturing and thus will not be available in retail packaging.

Quantity discount

Quantity Price
50 - 99 7,18 780,96 
100 - 149 7,11 773,07 
150 - 199 7,03 765,18 
200 - 249 6,96 757,30 
250 - 299 6,89 749,41 
300 - 349 6,82 741,52 
350 - 399 6,74 733,63 
400 - 449 6,67 725,74 
450 - 499 6,60 717,85 
500+ 6,53 709,97 
1 - 49 7,25 788,85 


Product Overview

Premium quality ingredients, great flavour, and high concentration are the key factors of Chemnovatic Molinberry flavourings. These are top-quality products dedicated to various industries.

Key points:

  • 130 flavourings divided into 5 categories: drink, fruit, mint, sweet, and tobacco.
  • Unique and original propositions that meet the market trends.
  • Manufactured in a certified facility in Europe (ISO, HACCP).
  • Quick, safe, and cost-effective deliveries due to our location in the center of Europe and high production capacity.
  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Competitive prices & attractive discount policies.


in Europe

No minimum

order quantity

Dosage between

0,5% – 10%

Over 130 flavours

and still counting

no minimum order quantity
a bottle with a pipette and a number 130+ near it

Chemnovatic Molinberry Applications

a gear filling e-liquid bottles

Vape industry

Our flavourings are carefully selected for among other e-liquids applications. Key characteristics:

  • TPD compliant and meeting the most demanding safety standards – check our TPD compliance list.
  • Documentation required for TPD e-liquids registration will be provided on demand.
  • Awards winning recipes – Vaper Expo Birmingham (2018), VAPEXPO Paris (2021).
  • Recommended dosage: 0,5% – 10%. Learn more here.

Using new flavour in production means developing new e-liquid line

At Chemnovatic we’ve got great experience in the production of flavours, e-liquids, registration of new e-liquids in any country and in any other area related with e-liquids industry. You couldn’t find a better partner if you’re looking for the support in starting a new e-liquid line. We will help you in any area of e-liquid industry. Pure nicotine, nicotine salts, nicotine bases, flavours, recipe development, TPD registration, laboratory tests or regulatory consultations – we’ve got you covered.

Simply contact us at and our friendly and competent consultants will help you!

the Food industry - a production machine

Food industry

Chemnovatic Molinberry flavourings will work fine also in foods. If you wish to grant a certain taste or aroma, just pick one, or more, of the 130 products on our offer. Our flavourings may be used in the creation of nutrients, diet supplements, desserts, cakes, and more.

a human hand holding an open cream packaging and a maching filling it


Our flavourings bring beautiful aromas, therefore, similarly to the food industry, why not try them in your cosmetics? Give it a go! Add them to essential oils during aromatherapy or a massage and check the results. Maybe you are making a perfumery composition? That is an option as well.

Discount Policy

Depending on the order quantity you can receive up to 10% discount. For each 50L ordered (in the total order of flavours, not per one flavour), 1% will be deducted from your basic price.

Even more attractive basic price? It is possible!

For our loyal customers, we have prepared an additional discount depending on their net total purchase value in the past 12 months made with Chemnovatic (in any product category). Clients who have spent from 10k to 25k EUR receive 4% discount from the basic price and clients who have spent more than 25k EUR receive 9% discount from the basic price.

If you are our client already, but haven’t tried our flavours yet, take this opportunity and use your discount!


a shield with an approval mark

Safety Data Sheet


an icon of a certificate

Data Sheet


and order with a TPD sign and a checkmark on it

TPD Compliance List


a chemical flask with a scale on it

Recommended Dosage


PLEASE NOTE: In Poland, any flavouring is an excise product if used in the vape industry. Therefore, if you are willing to use our flavourings in the production of e-liquids or related products, please inform us about this fact at:


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