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Synthetic Nicotine (Tobacco Free)

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Chemnovatic synthetic nicotine is manufactured with the use of synthetic chemical compounds in the laboratory environment. Meets USP and EP grade requirements.


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More about Synthetic Nicotine

Synthetic Nicotine from the chemical perspective has the same molecular composition as pure nicotine but it is not derived from tobacco. Chemnovatic tobacco-free nicotine is manufactured with the use of synthetic chemical compounds in the laboratory environment.

Synthetic Nicotine liquid is highly toxic and should never be used in its concentrated form – it should be diluted to safe nicotine content prior to use. It is ideal for nicotine base manufacturing provided it is done in a professional company in laboratory conditions.

Synthetic Nicotine is a great alternative for manufacturers who, for some reasons, do not want to use pure nicotine derived from tobacco. Both synthetic and tobacco nicotine share similar characteristics even in terms of the nicotine satisfaction level of the end-user.

What makes Chemnovatic Synthetic Nic stand out from the other:


Chemnovatic synthetic nicotine (as well as tobacco PureNic 99+) does not contain any plant impurities called nitrosamines. These impurities may occur in some tobacco-derived pure nicotines available from different suppliers. Chemnovatic synthetic nicotine guarantees the purity of 99,5%. It is clear, odorless and colorless liquid that does not change the taste of the final e-liquid.

Top quality

Our synthetic nicotine not only meets, but also exceeds USP and EP standards. Together with all other Chemnovatic products, synthetic nicotine undergoes strict quality procedures and tests. Each batch is laboratory tested on-site, we guarantee full repeatability of products and provide all necessary documentation to enable full traceability of each item that leaves our ISO, GHM/GHP certified facility.

Benefits of Chemnovatic’s synthetic nicotine

  • Not derived from tobacco.
  • Provides the same level of satisfaction as tobacco nicotine.
  • Tasteless and odorless.
  • Manufactured with the use of only certified ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical quality from reliable European suppliers.
  • Fewer restrictions on entering new markets.
  • Meets USP and EP grade requirements.
  • Undergoes strict quality procedures which are confirmed by ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and GHP/GMP standard.


INCI name: Nicotine
Identifier (CAS no.): 6912-85-2
Content of nicotine: ~100 %
Content of water: 0,05 %
Identification –
MS spectrum:
Consistent with the spectrum included in literature NIST #353117 published on data base NIST 05,2006.
Appearance: Colourless, clear, free from suspended matter
Shelf life: 2 years
Suggested storage conditions: In an airtight container, in cold and dry room, protected from light. Store at 0-10’C.


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