Potassium Carbonate PC-1000 25 kg

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Potassium Carbonate, K2CO3, is a white salt, an inorganic compound, used to regulate pH levels.



Product Overview

Potassium carbonate is odorless, hygroscopic, and has a form of white powder. What characterizes the substance, is a good solubility in water.

K2CO3 is used to regulate pH levels, for instance in wine production. Moreover, it plays an essential role in making paints, agriculture, glass crafting, or household chemical creation.

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Non-tobacco nicotine pouches

Non-tobacco nicotine pouches contain powdered cellulose. Manufacturers soak cellulose in a mixture of pure nicotine, PG, VG, and pH stabilizers. Our freebase nicotine extract is completely odorless, flavorless, crystal clear, and barely influences the smell and flavor of the final product – which makes it perfect for the production of nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches are not regulated by the TPD legislation in most of the EU countries and do not require registration. However, each country may have its own, different legislation for nicotine pouches.

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