Pure Nicotine 99,9% (USP/EP): PureNic 99+

PureNic 99+ is premium quality pure freebase nicotine dedicated to the production of e-liquids. It’s a natural, crystal clear and odorless liquid extracted from tobacco leaves.

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Nicotine Salts

NicSalt-B, NicSalt-S and NicSalt-M are premium quality nicotine salts dedicated to e-liquid manufacturing. Choose the type of nic salt best suited to your needs.

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Nicotine Salts Bases

NicSalt Bases are premium quality nicotine salt bases dedicated to e-liquid manufacturing. Choose the type of nicotine salt you prefer.

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NicBase HIGH CONCENTRATION nicotine bases

NicBase HIGH CONCENTRATION is the series of nicotine bases with high nicotine content. This series is devoted to further dilution with glycol and/or glycerine in order to receive nicotine bases of expected strengths.

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NicBase LOW CONCENTRATION nicotine bases

NicBase Low Concentration is the series of nicotine bases with low nicotine content – 0-36 mg/ml. Such a diluted nicotine base is ready to mix with concentrated flavourings to get ready made e-liquids

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NicBase Bio nicotine bases

NicBase Bio is the series of nicotine bases composed wholly or significantly of 100% natural agricultural ingredients with nicotine content 0-100 mg/ml. Such a nicotine base is ready to mix with concentrated flavourings to get ready made e-liquids or can be further diluted to recieve expected strength.

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Ready mixed e-liquids

Liquids under your own brand, made of top quality ingredients. Available in 10-30ml bottles ready to sell or in bulk packaging for refilling. OEM / Private label solution.

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Pure glycol & glycerin

Pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) perfect for mixing with pure nicotine and nicotine bases during the e-liquids production process. Pure BIO glycol (Propanediol) also available.

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Concentrated e-liquid flavourings – Molinberry flavours

Molinberry is a brand of high quality concentrated flavourings for e-liquids. Over 80 flavours in available in 10ml bottles to resell and in bulk packaging for manufacturers. Custom made flavours also in offer.

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Concentrated flavourings for e-liquid manufacturers - Chemnovatic flavours

A line of highly concentrated flavourings for e-liquid manufacturers.

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Empty Packaging & Labels

Wide range of various packaging. From 10ml up to 20,0L. Different bottle materials, shapes and closure types.

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Sometimes a concentrated flavouring alone is not enough to get a desire taste of e-liquid. That is why, Chemnovatic offers a series of most common additives for e-liquids which are made of top quality ingredients and help to improve your liquids recipes.

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Custom Made Solutions

We know that business requires flexibility. That is why, we are ready to work with our customers on new product developments.

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The information presented on the website are addressed only to the business customers who are dealing with sales and production of liquids for electronic cigarettes.

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